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Chihuahua Pictures

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Taz the Chihuahua Puppy is sitting on a pee pad. There is a Dish remote in front of it and the remote is larger than the dog. The Word - Taz - is placed on the photo

Taz the Chihuahua a puppy next to a TV remote

A tan Chihuahua is looking outside out of a window.

An adorable Chihuahua looking out the window

Gigi the tan and white Chihuahua is laying on a couch and it has a bone in its mouth

Gigi the shorthaired Chihuahua with a chewy in her mouth

Edward the Chihuahua is in the arms of a lady and looking towards the camera holder

"This is Edward. He is a black and brown Chihuahua. He was named after Edward Cullen from “Twilight.” He is about 3 1/2 pounds."

Spike the Chihuahua is being held close to a person who is wearing a gray t-shirt

Spike the Chihuahua

Oreo the Chihuahua is standing on a wooden porch and its mouth is open and its tongue is out

Oreo the Chihuahua

Mylo the Chihuahua is sitting on a bed and looking at the camera holder

Mylo the tan and black Chi at 1 year old

Mylo the brown and black Chihuahua is laying on a rug and looking up to the camera holder

Mylo at 1 year

Lilybell the white and tan Chihuahua is wearing a cow print sweater. Lilybell is sitting on a rug and looking to the left

Lilybell the 3-year-old Chihuahua

Casco the Long Haired Chihuahua is sitting in the passenger seat of a car. The window is down and it is looking at the snow outside the window

Casco the longhair Chihuahua