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Dalmatian Pictures

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Snickers the black and white Dalmatian and Candy the brown spotted Dalmatian are laying next to each other on a tiled floor

Two Dalmatians—Snickers is the black spotted male and Kandee is the brown spotted female.

Other Names
  • Carriage Dog
  • Dal
  • Dalmatiner
  • Firehouse Dog
  • Leopard Carriage Dog
  • Plum Pudding Dog
  • Spotted Coach Dog
Snickers the black spotted Dalmatian and Candy the brown spotted Dalmatian are laying next to each other on a carpet

Snickers and Kandee, two Dalmatians all grown up—"Kandee, is the brown spotted (right), and on the left is Snickers, black spotted. They were both looking at a piece of chicken; I was wondering who will be the good dog who sits and acts nicely so he'd take the piece of chicken, and it was funny the way they both just sat down next to each other, giving the same reaction, which made me a little bit confused who would win. That actually forced me to make them a whole bowl full of chicken; I had to be fair lol."

Close Up - Don the Dalmatian puppy is sitting outside in front of a house. His nose is pink with two black spots on it.

Don the Dalmatian puppy from India at about 3 months old—"Don loves to run in my canals and also likes to play with a ball. He also likes long jumps and biscuits. He dislikes medicine and strange people."

Don the Dalmatian puppy is jumped up at the V of a triangular wall peering over the edge

Don the male Dalmatian puppy from India at 4 months old—"He likes his girlfriend named Ferry. He always looks at her over the wall. I think he says to all, "Love has no boundaries."

A Dalmatian is laying on a tan couch and there is a black cat laying down next to it

Dalmatian sleeping with the cat

Abby the Dalmatian is standing in a backyard and his front right paw is in the air

Abby the Dalmatian out in the yard.

Dot the Dalmatian puppy with a black spot that takes up half its face. Dot is laying in front of a wall inside of a home

Dot the Dalmatian has a large black patch on her face.