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English Cocker Spaniel Pictures

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Sparky the black, brown, gray, white and tan English Cocker Spaniel is laying on a bed and looking up

"One of my favorite pictures of Sparky, from an impromptu photo shoot I randomly did one day. He's supposed to be doing belly-up for the cookie but is usually too impatient to roll all the way over. It's been a while since we let his fur stay that long; we live in Brazil so we usually cut it short so he's not too hot. Personality-wise, Sparky is pretty tame now. When he was younger he drove us nuts, and I hated him for a little while for ruining many-a-toy and biting me. I defend myself with the statement that I was seven/eight at the time and a total dimwit! Now he's extremely calm and easy enough to handle, even though he has this habit of standing in the middle of dark hallways and just waiting for you to trip over him. He's a terrible walker and for years we didn't walk him because he dragged too much, but I've started walking him again and now I actually know ways to get him to stop. He's much better now, even if learning a little late. He dislikes it when strangers mess with his ears, though he hasn't bitten (or tried to bite) anyone in years. I guess I regret that we didn't really know that much on raising a dog when we got him, and my brothers and I just took it for granted and didn't try too hard. I just feel like he'd be a healthier dog if we'd tried sooner, but better late than never, I suppose. He really is a wonderful dog, though, and I couldn't hope for any better! Sparky is my first dog and I'm just so glad to have had him, even (deep down) when he was ruining all my toys. :)"

Sparky the black, brown, tan, gray and white English Cocker Spaniel is sitting on a human's bed that has a white blanket over it.

"Another of Sparky from the impromptu photo shoot."

Sparky the English Cocker Spaniel is laying on a human's bed with a blue and tan blanket covering his body and most of his head

"I guess you can't tell we're trying to keep him cool when we randomly pile blankets up on him."

Sparky the black, gray, white and tan English Cocker Spaniel is walking across a tan tiled dining room floor in front of a table

"Sparky is pretty big. Ish. For a while he was a little overweight at about 17 kg? He didn't look too round or anything, but he was pretty heavy. I also found he seemed bigger than most other Cockers we ran into here, don't know why."

Sparky the shaved black, tan, gray and white English Cocker Spaniel is laying on a newspaper on a hardwood floor.

"Sparky at 10 years old just after getting his fur shaved! I actually really love him like this, his ears look adorable. You might be able to tell that he's blind now; having been through two really weird and scary phases in his life, his sight deteriorated quite a lot. He gets around okay, bumps his head sometimes but not usually very hard. The worst is when I walk with him, because then he doesn't have the whole area memorized and charges about carelessly (I'm trying to get him to walk nicer with your tips!)"

Close Up - Sparky the English Cocker Spaniel is sleeping on a pillow next to a bed frame with cable wrapped around it

Sparky the English Cocker Spaniel at 10 years old taking a nap.

Sparky the black, tan, gray and white English Cocker Spaniel is standing on a hardwood floor in front of a red chair with a single purple pillow on it

"Sparky’s most recent picture. I also like his fur kind of medium and scruffy, it's extremely soft and nice to pet."

A litter of English Cocker Spaniel puppies are laying on a blanket. They are white, white and tan and black and white.

"This is Sparky with his litter! My boy is the black spotted one in the front, easy to spot because of his big bean-shaped spot :) Taken in May 2000, he was born on the 16th. This is from a letter my cousin sent us, because we said we wanted a dog and he'd just had a litter. His pedigree says he's a blue roan, though I'm not sure how totally accurate that is because whenever I Google "blue roan" I never get any dog that looks like him. I feel tricolor would be more accurate, but more spotty. This must be them a few days old."

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