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Fila Brasileiro Pictures

(Brazilian Mastiff) (Brazilian Molosser) (Cão de Fila)

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A black brindle with white Fila Brasileiro is wearing a brown leather collar and standing in a field of brown grass.

"Tyson in the woods where he loves to track elk. The description of the Fila Mastiff on this website fits him to a tee."

A tan and black brindle with white Fila Brasileiro dog is sitting on a tiled black and white checkered floor with a silver bowl behind it

Simba the Fila Brasileiro at 8 months old, weighing 99 pounds and standing 27" tall

A tan with white Fila Brasileiro is sitting on a carpet in front of a TV

Lua Barao dos Fila, a Fila Brasileiro at 9 months old— "She is from Brazil and complies with the CAFIB standard, which is the oldest, purest and strictest registry for the Fila Brasileiro. As you can see, she has a rare red and white patched coat, an attribute said to be characteristic of some of the oldest fazenda filas. The patched dogs were highly prized as workers in the early years of the twentieth century, and very few true patched lines still remain. In the ’70s some breeders introduced patched coloring from other breeds such as the Great Dane, but CAFIB strives to avoid such bloodlines and crosses. CAFIB also does not condone the increasing practice of breeding the temperament and ojeriza out of the Fila."

A tan with white Fila Brasileiro puppy is wearing a black leather spike collar and sleeping on a brown pillow

Lua Barao dos Fila, a Fila Brasileiro as a puppy—her owner says, "I am very happy with this pup. She is everything a true Fila Brasileiro should be: courageous, healthy, athletic and VERY protective, even at 9 months of age!"

Close up upper body shot - A tan with white Fila Brasileir puppy is sitting down out in a field

Fila Brasileiro puppy at 7 weeks old