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The Doggie Comics: Funny Dog Pictures

Page 11

A Chinese Crested Hairless dog is laying on a carpet. It has a long tongue wrapped around and licking its own eye

“No, I'm not gonna pee on it, cause I'm a rebel.”— Leia the Pit Bull

A tan Pug is photoshopped on a surfboard and there is a photoshopped wave behind it

E.T. the surfing Pug

A little white dog is standing on its hind legs and looking over a large amount of snow next to a person who is holding its leash. There is a thought bubble. The Words - You Gotta Be Kiddin' - is overlayed
A Dalmatian is sitting and it is showing its teeth

“Don't mess with me!” —A Dalmatian showing its teeth (Owned by Michael)

A triColor dog is cuddled with its paw around a black cat on a bed

It was LOVE at first sight!