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List of Basenji Mix Breed Dogs

View from the top looking down at a wide chested, thick brown dog with a white chest and perk ears, a black nose and wide round eyes and a long tail sitting on a blue carpet looking up at the camera.

"This is Jelly! She is shown here at 3 years old and is a Basenji, Boxer and Greyhound mix. She loves to play, but also loves her sleep! She loves warm weather and hates snow over 5 inches! Jelly gets exercised daily and is loved by many people! One of her bad habits is rolling in worms! At least she chews a bone when she starts biting when she plays!"

  • Basenji x American Eskimo mix = Eskenji
  • Basenji x American Pit Bull Terrier mix = Basenji Pit
  • Basenji x Beagle mix = Baseagle
  • Basenji x Carolina Dog mix = Carengi
  • Basenji x Chihuahua mix = Chisenji
  • Basenji x Great Dane mix = Great Dasenji
  • Basenji x Italian Greyhound mix = Italian Greyenji
  • Basenji x Labrador Retriever mix = Labrasenji
  • Basenji x Welsh Corgi mix = Corsengi
Other Basenji Dog Breed Names
  • African Barkless Dog
  • African Bush Dog
  • Ango Angari
  • Congo Dog
  • Congo Terrier
  • Zande Dog