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List of Giant Schnauzer Mix Breed Dogs

Upper body and head shot of a large black dog with a long scruffy looking hair, a beard on her chin, a big black nose and brown eyes with long eyebrows looking up while laying down on a floor inside of a house.

"I got Isabella from a breeder of Mausers. Her little brothers from the next litter weighed 175 pounds when they were 1 year old. They are gentle giants."

  • Giant Schnauzer x Bolognese mix = Giant Bolonauzer
  • Giant Schnauzer x Border Collie mix = Giant Border Schnollie
  • Giant Schnauzer x Irish Wolfhound mix = Giant Irish Wolf Schnauzer
  • Giant Schnauzer x Irish Wolfhound mix = Irish Wolf Schnauzer
  • Giant Schnauzer x Kerry Blue Terrier mix = Giant Kerry Blue Schnauzer
  • Giant Schnauzer x Japanese Chin mix = Giant Schnauzer Chin
  • Giant Schnauzer¬†x¬†Rat Terrier mix = Giant Ratzer
  • Giant Schnauzer x Standard Poodle mix = Giant Schnoodle
  • Giant Schnauzer x Westie mix = Giant Wauzer
  • Giant Schnauzer x Wire Fox Terrier mix = Giant Wire Hair Snauzer
Other Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Names
  • Riesenschnauzer