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Scam Stories

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These stories are posted so you can read them, learn from them, and not let them happen to you.

Buyer Dealing with Scammer

First i come across the website for Google Advert and the price is awesome for me because Neapolitan mastiff will be sold for at least $5000 and i can't afford that amount so am curious and decided to call so i find out if it's for real they don't pick instead they text back then i say call the guy seems he is indian or african we spoke for over 6 mins since i am in Buffalo NY he says he will be shipping to my address and it will cost me a total of $800 so am blown by the deal and so excited after showing my wife too she accepted we go ahead with the purchase and the only way of payment is Western Union and Money Gram and i decided to take NAME: ZENA AGE: 10 WEEKS SEX: FEMALE and was given a KIMBERLY ADORA, ATLANTA GEORGIA 30303 so my wife sent them $812 plus charges for Western Union and after some few hours he calls me and says the dog needs insurance and some documents demanding $1800 which i will get back a refund of $1750 at that point i ask give me the company and flight information so i contact them and ask what is happening he keep giving me stories and tells me to wait then i ask for their own personal address he was not able to provide any information regarding their business or the airline or even the flight information i then ask him are you with the dog right now he says yes then i say kindly take a picture of you and ZENA now with you holding a little paper with my names on it he says no problem i waited for about 5 mins nothing called and the line was no longer available then i called with my wifes number and it goes through and my wife pretended to be a new client and wanted to buy a different dog from the website he told my wife the same story he told me and when my wife asked him if he knew of any Paul from Buffalo who wanted to buy Zena he turned the call off and blocked my wife too it is really funny how some of this guys going around doing all this. DON'T FALL FOR THIS PURE SCAM

Buyer Who was Scammed

It was regarding a Shetland Sheepdog puppy. The lady sent me photos (and every puppy had his own name). She asked me to choose the pup, pay, send proof of payment (and they asked me which bank I bank with because they have an account with every bank, so the money is available in her account immediately. She further asked me to send my Id for registration of the pup unto my name before courier the dog with a animal courier company. I even had to give her my name for my new puppy! She (Yolande Zitker, spoke with a foreign accent). She emailed me the website of the courier which were situated in Nelspruit and I am in Pretoria. EFZ Express Courier Services (Fast Service), Customer Service (Tel: +++ ++ -+++-++++), E-mail: www.+++++. After payment of the so called puppy was made, they sent me a tracking number and then asked for another R4999 which is refundable at the delivery of the pup at my house, for the dog crate being airconditioned etc. (I still have the email of this fruadulant refund message etc). Well long story short, the dog never came and when I phoned again the couriers never answered and when I phoned Yolande (the dog breeder), she said I must send my banking details, she will cancel everything and refund me - and that was the last communication.

A drawling of a little tan and white short legged puppy sitting down inside of a red circle that says Corgi Fraud. The dog has large perk ears, a black nose and dark eyes.
Story from Puppy Buyer

I am glad to review the internet before giving full information. Here is the letter sent by the seller;—"Greetings Thanks for the mail. I quite appreciated your interest on your proposing in purchasing my corgi puppies; I still have four left two males and two females. But the question is that will the puppies be able to find a lovely home with you? Do you have enough time to spend with the puppies and care for them? If so I will be very glad and happy to give out the puppies to you. The puppies are 11 weeks old presently. Will you take more puppies or just one? I have made up my mind through prayers and pains taking efforts in search for a reliable caring person to take good care of the puppies. The little babies have had current vaccination, vet check, health certificate and 1 year health guarantee and they are registered. They are potty trained, home raise and socialized for tremendous attitude. .I will be very glad to have you as a good caring parent for the puppies only if you can take good care of the puppies as your own babies. Actually my interest is to find a good caring and loving person for these puppies. If you are interested in giving these puppies a wonderful home kindly Provide answers to the following questions... 1...Where are you located precisely? 2...Do you want to adopt the one or more puppies? 3...Which sex are you interested in males or females? 4...How soon do you want the puppy or puppies? 5...Why are you interested on this breed? 6...Have you any pet experience? 7...Are you a breeder? 8...are you okay with the puppy being delivered if you can’t come to my house? Sorry for all the question, but i just want to be sure that the puppies are going to the right home and they will be having all the love and attention they need.Please get back to me with the answers to my questions on these email. Waiting for your kind responds. Regards"—There's a lot of redflags here: 1.The price of Corgi is way below the asking market price 2. Inconsistent number of puppies( stated on the second response) from 6 to 2 left. 3. The seller did not say where the location of the puppy which made me think the seller wanted to know the distance of where he/she was going to claim they were located. 4. I asked for their breeder license and I never got any replied back. 5. This is weird but the seller tried to appear God loving citizens, perhaps to make it sound like he/she is not a scammer. Please do not give your full information or any means of payment. It's always better to just buy from a reputable breeder.