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Scam Stories

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A drawling of a little Bulldog puppy standing on top of a green box that has the words 'Puppy Scam' written on the front of the box.

These stories are posted so you can read them, learn from them, and not let them happen to you.

Buyer Dealing with Scammer

The scammer's telephone number is 302-278-4443 and goes by Jenifer Lowsen. MAKE SURE YOU REVERSE SEARCH THE IMAGES THEY SEND YOU. Mine were stills from youtube videos. You just download the image or simply drag it into the google imagges search tab.

"Hello Nice reading from you and the interest regarding my baby puppies A male and a female I have for free adoption.They are still available for any good home.I have always wanted them to get the best of love from their next home.I don't want to give them to a breeder or and animal rescue, i need a new home and want them to have just what they have always had...they have so much love to offer, if you promise to accept them with a open heart and arms. They are spectacular,Stunning, Gorgeous.Fabulous Baby doll Face,short Cobby body,weighs 2.32Ibs and estimated to have an additional weigh of1.25Ibs at full grown up age, short legs and confirmation.Home raised with a very good personality.They are just the happiest little puppy you will ever see.they will make a very good family member with their very great quality,sweet and loving temperaments.they are spectacular Designer Purse Puppy to take everywhere with you and they are lover too.Loves to give lots of kisses hugs.Have always been around children and other pet and very used to being together. she is A KC reg,current on all her recent shots and dewormed,vet checked with all her vet and registration papers available and up to date,potty,paper and crate trained.This Babies will be coming alongside with all their play toys,health's and reg papers.. As for our location ,We are located in Portland,Oregon USA where i will be shipping this puppy/puppies to your location safely What we am concern about here is your assurance on their health,good care and.they needs so much love caution and stability.If your home is open to this darling,they will be on their way to your home and i am really hoping it happens.Recent pictures of the babies attached to this mail so that you can have a general view of their beauty and how they look like because they are from the same litter.Get back soon lets see how they gets to your home...OK. Waiting for your mail in anticipation of getting a sure response on taking good care of them when they reach you site.. Are you married?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Do you have kids?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Have you ever kept a puppy?,,,,, Where are you located?,,,,,,,,,, What do you do for a living?,,,, How soon do you want these puppies?, How many of them will you be taking home?"

Ad was in the Atlanta area but then suddenly she lived in Portland Oregon....but her phone number was traced to Deleware but her pictures were from a British breeder. I questioned the validity and thankfully didnt fall for it, but she turned as soon as I asked for more pictures.

Buyer Dealing with Scammer

"Got scammed but did not send money. I answered and ad for free pugs. I am looking to adopt an older dog but i was willing to considere a younger one from a family who could not take care of it anymore. First email was somewhat norma. Lots of questions (legit dog shelters do that do...) The only thing that bothered me was that the ad said "Montreal" 9I live 50km away from Montreal) and in the email she was saying that she was in Thunder bay. the whole shipping of the dog was also suspicious. I asked a couple of questions regarding transport but she did not answer. Then i googled her name and email address "Angella Muerey" and found this page. That was it. i knew. I sent an email saying i was not going to fall for this and she REPLIED "Why do you say that to me i am real!" They're hungry......So i sent a last email saying: ok if you are real, send me the dog and i will pay upon delivery. That was it. No more answers after that. I reported the scam to my government's anti-fraud center. be careful folks..."