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Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

Information and Pictures

A happy looking tan and white medium-sized dog with ears that stick out to the sides, a black nose and dark round eyes laying over the back of a couch in a living room

"This is Elena (Ellie). She was adopted at the Animal Care Services and 2 weeks later the previous owner abandoned her at only 2 months old. I found her and followed protocol taking her to the vet, finding out she was microchiped, finding out the owner didn’t want her and that’s when I became her forever mom. She is extremely smart. Fast learner, super easy to potty and crate train. As all other Jack-a-bee owners have said, I quickly realized Ellie was a little fur ball of energy. We go on walks daily of at least 1 mile, longer if possible. She sniffs EVERYTHING along the way. She does wonderful on car rides. I have decided not to give her plush toys anymore as she tears them up in less than an hour. She loves her stuffed and frozen Kong’s. She rather play than eat so enticing her with food or treats doesn’t always work. She has 5 sibling cats and seems to do ok most of the time with other dogs of any size. She loves people an is very friendly. Her bark sounds like a Beagle. She’s tall, slim and strong. I don’t know if it’s a breed thing but she can jump pretty high too. She loves rugged nature walks. She’s always happy and loving. She’s 8 months old in this picture."

Other Names
  • Beagle Jack

The Jack-A-Bee is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Beagle and the Jack Russell Terrier. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses.

  • ACHC = American Canine Hybrid Club
  • DDKC = Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • IDCR = International Designer Canine Registry®
A brown and white Jack-A-Bee is sitting next to a tree in a hole. Its tongue is out and it has dirt all over it

"Glasgow, a Jack-A-Bee is an energetic and smart puppy who learns tricks very easily. Originally from Georgia, this rescue is now living in Florida, and loves nothing more than going for walks, and chewing on his favorite toys. At eight months old in this picture, Glasgow is full of energy, but is starting to settle down a little from his early puppy months. He is a little cautious around people, and very cautious of other dogs, but has several dog friends he loves to play with."

A white with brown Jack-A-Bee puppy is laying under a table

"This is a photo of our new Jack-A-Bee. He's 10 weeks old in this picture. We've named him Chase, which one of us is doing any time he is awake. His mother is a Jack Russell and his father is a Beagle. He goes for a mile to a mile-and-a-half walk every day, as long as it doesn't rain. Everyone just loves him and you can see why."

A black with white Jack-A-Bee is laying on a couch with a flowered pillow behind it.

"This is my dog Jasper, a Jack Russell / Beagle cross. He is 10 ½ months old in this picture. He has been a joy to own. He is easy to train and is a very eager learner. I have never owned a more social dog. He loves children, other dogs (of all shapes and sizes) and cats. In fact, he even helped raise an orphan kitten. Jasper and the kitten Frankie are the best of friends. He is a great apartment dog; he's quiet and a small size without being too small, about 22 lbs. Though when he does bark it sounds a little Beagle-y, but without the bay. He does have quite a bit of energy but settles down nicely in the house. He is a big cuddle bug and wants to be with you at all times. This dog can jump!!!! I think he looks more Jack Russell, mostly because his tail was docked. His ears are longer then a Jack Russell but not as long as a Beagle and they are pointed at the tips. This is a big dog in a little dog’s body."

A brown and black with white Jack-A-Bee is laying on a towel. There is a plush skunk toy and a pair of flip flop shoes next to it

"This is our puppy Wallaby (Wally). He is 14 weeks and a rescue—one of the last of the litter to go; when we found him at the pound it was just him and his brother Scooby (white and tan) left. Wally hates car rides (he gets motion sick), loud noises and bath times, he's very shy amongst new people but extremely friendly and it doesn't take him long to warm up to them. He's excellent amongst young children and won't bite or jump up on them; even when they fall over he just waits patiently. One thing I've noticed is that Wally picks things up really quick, if you tell him not to do something you won't need to say it twice! He's a sucker for cuddles and is very affectionate—he loves to give lots of kisses. Wally is quirky; he’d rather eat off the floor than the bowl, will sniff absolutely everything, rarely barks or howls and he loves playing with his reflection in the mirror (it captivates him!). Athletic wise: Wally is quick, very agile and boy can he jump! He likes to hunt and has already caught his first mouse; he's not yet used to going on walks on the leash but is fine without one as he doesn't run off when he isn't on one. When not playing Wally likes to laze around or sleep. Food: we feed Wally an organic puppy food that contains no corn; he gets one salmon oil a day, too; his favourite snacks are tuna, salmon/sweet potato treats and baby carrots. We had a couple of accidents in the kitchen the first couple of days, but now he is pretty much housebroken except for the occasional nervous pidde when he has a fright. Currently he is a bit bigger than his mother the Jack Russell and doesn't have very big paws so we doubt he will grow very much more. He's teething, but thankfully he only goes for his toys or sticks!"

Close Up - A brown and black with white Jack-A-Bee is laying on a blanket in the back seat of a vehicle

Wallaby the Jack-A-Bee as a 14 week old puppy

A white with grey and black Jackabee dog is sleeping on a dog bed inside of a dog crate

"This is Dewey, our great little Jack Russell / Beagle mix, according to our vet Dr. Dave. He is four years old, and we got him from our local Human Society. He's friendly to all, and loves long walks, chasing geckos and visiting his grandmother on Cape Cod."

A white with brown and black Jack-A-Bee is wearing a green bandana and standing in front of a ceramic water bowl

"This is Belle, a Beagle / Jack mix (Jack-A-Bee) at about 6 years old. She's bigger like a Beagle but has a lot of Jack Russell markings. Her nose and ears are longer than a Jack's, yet too short for a pure Beagle."

A litter of Jack-A-Bee puppies are all lined up laying on a brown couch

Jack-A-Bee puppies at 2 weeks old—"I was a Jack-A-Bee breeder and whenever people would contact me and inquire as to breed information I shared your site. I have attached pictures of our first (and last) ACHC-registered litter born to our Beagle mom (Missy) and Jack Russell dad (Bolin). Our previous litters were born to our Jack-A-Bee mom (Alley). I have always had great reports back on housetraining and training in general. It is true that you have to be ready for either end of the personality spectrum but even by 8 weeks you can really tell a lot about a pup's personality. When considering a hybrid, the people who have been in contact with the puppy for its first weeks of life should have some good insight as to what side the pup is leaning toward. I have noticed that the physical characteristics of the puppy also seem to be an indicator of the personality type (but not always, so be careful). Either way, anyone considering a dog that has Jack Russell in the bloodline should be prepared for a usually very active and sometimes a demanding dog (just in case). The rewards make it all worthwhile in the long run, though! Smart, playful, loving and cute! I wouldn't change my pups for the world."

A grey with white Jack-A-Bee is standing in grass with its tail up.

Scout the Jack-A-Bee at 12 weeks old (Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier hybrid)

Two cats are laying on a tan couch next to a brown with white Jack-A-Bee dog.

"This is my Jack-A-Bee Malcolm. We bought him for $500 at a pet store 6 years ago. He is the product of a purebred Beagle and a purebred Jack Russell Terrier. He is smart, dramatic, playful, stubborn and so loving. He needs to have physical contact with us at all times. When friends come over he is quick to cuddle up to them on the couch, it doesn't matter if he just met them. He prefers to sleep completely under the covers at night, in between legs or behind bent knees. If he wants to be rubbed he will dramatically scratch his nose with his paw, making pitiful sounds. If he is mad at you, he will not look at you directly when you call his name, but instead turn his head slightly and look at you from the corner of his eye. If he is around dogs that are bigger than him, he will go into another room and pout. It was hard to housebreak him, but easy to train him to do a number of commands, from "sit" and "roll over" to "shut the door" and "get the kitty" (when the kitties would escape he would catch them and carefully pin them to the ground until we came to get them). He is great around people, children and other pets. He is very gentle and cautious with babies, puppies and kitties."

A white with brown and black Jack-A-Bee is laying on a maroon carpet with a piece of a plush toy between its front paws

"This is my 8-month-old female Beagle / Jack Russell mix. She is very smart and playful. I just brought her home 2 weeks ago and she was not housebroken or crate-broken yet. She had one accident the first night in her crate and that's it! She has not had an accident in the house for 3 days now and has learned to let me know when she needs to go outside. She is very stubborn, but yet listens very well for a puppy with no training. I taught her how to sit and come within 1 day of coming home. Also only took me 3 days to get her to stop jumping up on people and trying to jump up while we are eating and trying to take our food away. Very responsive to verbal praise. She loves to play with my 4-year-old male Boxer. I've done research on both breeds and she is definitely the best of both! I was surprised how fast it was to housetrain her with her being so old and not being housetrained or crate-trained yet. She is such a joy! I'm so happy that I had adopted her!"

A tan with white Jack-A-Bee is standing in front of a couch and its head is tilted to the left

"This is Jazz. She is a Jack-A-Bee. We got her from a breeder that breeds pure Beagles and pure Jack Russells, so she is 50-50. She is the best dog that I have ever owned. Very energetic with a great personality. So energetic, in fact, that she keeps up with me at a pace of 15 mph for 20 miles at a time. I ran her 1600 miles last summer and she loved it. She is also a very avid swimmer, hole digger, rabbit and small animal chaser and very loving with our son who is almost the same age as her (1 ½). I would recommend her to anyone who has small children and is active with the outdoors."

A brown with white Jack-A-Bee is being held up by a person and it is wearing a Donovan McNabb Eagles jersey

Mickey the Jack Russell / Beagle hybrid (Jack-A-Bee) at 3 years old—"He is the most lovable dog and loves to give kisses, play ball and go for long walks! Oh and he is a die-hard Eagles fan! GO Philadelphia Eagles!"

A white with brown and black Jack-A-Bee puppy is sitting in hay in front of a wooden barn door

Mickey the Jack Russell / Beagle hybrid (Jack-A-Bee) as a puppy

Close Up - A tan with white Jack-A-Bee is laying on a person's bed

"Bruiser the Jack-A-Bee at 6 years old—his mom is a Beagle (Jackie Brown) and his dad a Jack Russell (Simon), who was a stand in for Wishbone on Nickelodeon! We love his crazy personality—enjoy"

A black and white photo of a Jack-A-Bee sitting in front of a tv dinner stand

Buckley the Jack-A-Bee at 2 years old—his owner says, "He is the most playful dog I've encountered and has more energy and stamina than I know what to do with at times. Besides that, he is a GREAT family dog. He has been extremely gentle around our new baby. Amazing, smart, fun dog."

Close Up head shot - A white with black and brown Jack-A-Bee is looking over the edge of a bed

Buckley the Jack-A-Bee at 2 years old

Close Up - A white with black and brown Jack-A-Bee is laying on a person's bed. There is a person holding a baby behind it

Buckley, the Jack-A-Bee at 2 years old

Close Up - A white with brown and black Jack-A-Bee is standing on a tiled floor. It is licking the side of its mouth

Penny the Jack-A-Bee (Jack Russell / Beagle hybrid) at 6 months old—"She has the best traits of a Beagle and the best traits of a Jack Russell all mixed into one! I was told she was ¾ Beagle ¼ Jack Russell, but I think she is more Jack Russell. She loves taking walks, swimming, and is CRAZY about fetch. I have recently purchased a chuck it! ball launcher and Penny absolutely loves that my throws now have more distance! She was easy to train, is very obedient and loyal, and is great with her younger "sister" Daisy, a Beagle."

A white with brown and black Jack-A-Bee is standing in brush. It is wearing a red harness

Chaz the Jack-A-Bee (Beagle / Jack Russell hybrid) at 7 years old—"Chaz has the Beagle bay and the Beagle appetite for sure. He's very independent, stubborn and is turning into a right grumpy old man, but can be so cuddly when the mood strikes. Chaz and his brother Sprocket, an American Staffie, both have Native American names. Chaz is "Stinky" and Sprocket is "Runs with Stinky"."

A white with brown and black Jack-A-Bee is laying spread out on a tan carpet

Chaz the Jack-A-Bee (Beagle / Jack Russell mix) at 7 years old

A white with black and tan Jack-A-Bee is laying in a bed

Piggy the Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier Cross (Jack-A-Bee) as a puppy at 10 weeks old

A white with black and tan Jack-A-Bee is sitting in grass wearing a ladybug costume

Piggy the Jack-A-Bee at 3 years old—"This is Piggy on her third birthday, which happens to also be Halloween. She is extremely mild tempered, loves children, and is beginning to be a great watchdog, though her bark is bigger than her bite! She loves to play with stuffed animals and anything that squeaks. Maintenance of Piggy's coat is minimal...we wash her with oatmeal shampoo to keep her skin from itching since she does have allergies. We love our Piggy!"

A white with black and tan Jack-A-Bee is laying on a blanket on top of a tan leather couch

Hanna the 10-month-old Jack-A-Bee—"She is the sweetest dog ever. Plenty of energy, but a GREAT housedog. I would never trade her for a purebred!"

A white with tan Jack-A-Bee puppy is laying in the lap of a person wearing blue jeans.

Dori the Beagle / Jack Russell (Jack-A-Bee) at 3 weeks old—"She has the typical markings and ears of a Jack (ears a bigger, though) and the size of a Beagle. She is energetic, and playful, one of the smartest dogs I've ever owned, and gentle around small children. She's never met a person, or dog that she hasn't liked, and she keeps our yard free from birds, squirrels, and any other nasties which might possibly make their way in."

Close Up - A white with tan Jack-A-Bee puppy is sitting on a tan carpet

Dori the Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier (Jack-A-Bee) as a puppy at 3 weeks old

A black with white and tan Jackabee dog is laying on a tan carpet chewing on an orange and black plush toy

Morris the Jack-A-Bee puppy (Jack Russell / Beagle mix breed dog) at three months old—"He's incredibly intelligent, loves puppy school, is already almost completely housebroken and crate trained, knows how to sit, come when called and lie down. He loves his walk, and riding in the car."

Two tan and white Jack-A-Bees are standing in snow looking to the right

"Mickey and Rosy are 2 rescued puppies, brother and sister. The owner of their mother (Jack Russell Terrier) lost her job in this economy downturn at the same time she realized her dog was pregnant (an accidental pregnancy with a Beagle that lives around her house in the countryside). She had nowhere to turn but a rescue place.

"Then I saw Mickey and Rosy’s picture on Petfinder and I knew they were very sweet puppies. I did a lot of research about the breeds. I was looking for a dog good with kids, dogs, smart, playful, that does not shed too much.

"So we decide to take 2 from a litter of 3. I thought that those type of dogs need to have a dog companion to not get bored. They were 14 weeks when we got them and now they are almost 6 months old. They will be fixed soon so no more accidents!

"I could not be more right; they are the sweetest dogs I ever had. Submissive but smart, playful with each other and the kids but not hyper (as soon you pick them up the love to have a belly rub for hours and many time they fall asleep). They endure my 5-year-old daughter's energy. For now we do not have a fence yet, but they are happy with a 20-minutes walk 3 times a day (perfect for me to get some exercise while waiting for my kids to come home from school), plus 2-3 quick backyard times as they are still puppies. So far not a bark, sometimes we think they are mute. They like to chase each other and play tag and hide-and-seek. As soon as they see a dog or a person outside they soon start to get excited because they want to play with them. They even played with a cat wandering around our neighborhood. If they are without the leash sometimes they take off and they are very, very fast. They love to jump in piles of leaves and go under, hide and then emerge suddenly to get the other one. They love to play with snow and go under it the same way.

"My daughters love them so much that even now they keep saying every morning "Mummy, we love Mickey and Rosy so much that makes us so, so happy!""

Two tan and white Jack-A-Bee puppies are sitting on a hardwood floor in front of a red pillow

Rosy and Mickey the Jack-A-Bee puppies at 16 weeks old

A tan and white Jack-A-Bee puppy is sitting on a tan tiled floor

Mickey the Jack-A-Bee as a puppy at 6 months old

A tan and white Jack-A-Bee puppy is standing in front of an island in a kitchen on top of a tan tiled floor looking to the right

Rosy the Jack-A-Bee as a puppy at 6 months old

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