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Beagle / Jack Russell Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

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A white with tan Jack-A-Bee is laying on a bed and looking up

"Snoopy found his way into the family from a Walmart. He and his litter mates were being given away for free at 7 weeks, and he was the last one when my Grandma fell in love with him. The elderly man and his granddaughter giving away the puppies said that they were Jack Russel/Beagle mixes, and it seemed pretty accurate. While he's still really short and about the size of a Pug, he holds all the traits of this hybrid. He has white and light brown (yellow-like) markings, and some little light brown freckles around his bum which started showing after he started shedding his puppy fur. While they are short furred dogs with a somewhat soft coat, he sheds A LOT. Especially when he started to lose his puppy fur, which started after a few months or so into his age. It would be recommended that you buy a brush and introduce them to one early on, or at least be prepared to vacuum all that hair. As fair as temperament goes, he is the happiest little dog. My grandma had already and older female Jack Russel/Fox Terrier mix from a breeder, and it did take her a while to get used to the new puppy as she was quite scared of him, even when she was almost three times his size. Of course, the Jackabee had always wanted to play and never showed any hostility towards the other dog, and they soon became comfortable around each other. He's full of energy and loves to be outdoors exploring and chasing bugs. If you howl to him he'll howl back. He isn't good with strangers, since he had picked up all the bad habits of the older dog, so early training will definitely be a must. They're very intelligent, seeing as both Beagles and Jack Russells are very smart, but they can be stubborn so be persistent. He is somewhat okay on the leash, but since my Grandma owns him and can't walk exactly well, she just lets the dog run in the backyard for hours. He has a very lean body, and is almost as agile as a cat when it comes to jumping on the couches and beds. Although energetic, they're great for cuddle (unless they've had enough and get up and go), and they're perfect companions to take naps with."

Close Up - A white with tan Jack-A-Bee is laying in the sun on a bed and looking out a window. There is an oakland Raiders blanket behind it

Snoopy the Jack-A-Bee (Jack Russell / Beagle mix) at 1 year old sunning himself

A white with tan Jack-A-Bee is wearing a red collar standing on grass in a backyard in front of a wooden fence.

Snoopy the Jack-A-Bee (Jack Russell / Beagle mix) at 1 year old

A white and tan Jack-A-Bee is laying on top of a person on a bed

Snoopy the Jack-A-Bee (Jack Russell / Beagle mix) at 1 year old

A brown and white Jack-A-Bee is sitting outside on a bench next to a potted plant

"This is Sydney, our 5-year-old female Jack Russell / Beagle mix (Jack-A-Bee). We think she's the best dog in the whole world. She was very easy to housetrain, and was easy to train period. Well behaved as an adult dog, Sydney was very "nippy" as a puppy (not advised for very small children in puppy stage), and was ultra-high energy, but calmed down greatly after puppyhood ended—especially after we realized that she needed a walk every day. She loves to sniff everything during her walks (probably the Beagle in her). If she misses her daily walk, you will regret it. She'll sit on you, your newspaper, or grab whatever you may be working on. She doesn't like to get into the water. Don't know if this is a breed trait, or if it's just her. She's very intelligent. We have to spell words around her. This wouldn't be the type of dog to get if everyone leaves the house for work or school every day. We have someone working at home most of the time. These dogs love to be around people. Sydney is very friendly to all people. Loves our kids. She watches for squirrels in the yard every day, and chases them up trees, etc. I don't think she'll ever catch one, though. She doesn't bark very much, only when the doorbell rings or when zeroing in on a squirrel. She is very non-destructive. Hasn't ruined anything since she was a puppy. I would suggest crate-training this type of dog as a puppy."

A tricolor black, white and tan dog with ears that hang down to the sides and dark eyes wagging his tail while on a blue leash.

Juno the Jack-A-Bee (Jack Russell / Beagle mix) at 3 months old

A white, brown and black tricolor dog with soft looking ears that hang down to the sides, a black nose and dark eyes with his mouth parted and pink tongue showing looking to the right.

Juno the Jack-A-Bee (Jack Russell / Beagle mix) at 3 months old