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Dogs Named Suki

Close up front view - A tan with white Shar-Pei puppy is standing on its hind legs and its front paws are in the air.

Suki the Shar-Pei puppy at 5 months old—"Suki at 5 months old and tipping the scales at 50 pounds!!! Her latest pastimes include: eating everything that isn't smothered in apple-bitters, snoring louder than the TV, and stinking up the room (well at least daddy says it’s the dog and not him). She loves to play fetch, chase her tail, and play "keep away" with my slippers in the morning because she knows it drives me crazy.

"We just love her to pieces. How could we not? Just look at the angel face…ha! (in this photo she is doing the hind-leg bounce while whimpering in doggie language "please pick me up, I am just a baby still"