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Pitweiler Pictures

Rottweiler / Pit Bull Terrier Mixed Breed Dogs

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Front side view - A short-haired, panting, black and tan with white Pitweiler dog is standing on top of a large boulder-sized rock on the side of the road. There are houses and a phone pole in the distance across the street.

"Kira the 2-year-old female Rottweiler / Pit Bull mix loves to play with kids and is very good with them. She likes Milk Bones for treats. We got her when she was a puppy. She was the runt of the litter. Kira is very energetic, playful and very smart. Very good with other dogs, also likes the attention. Overall, she is a great dog."

Other Names
  • American Pitweiler
  • Bullrott
  • Prott
  • RottenPit
  • Rott-N-Pit
  • Rottbull
  • Rottpit
  • Rottie Pit
Front view of a reddish-brown colored large breed dog with brown eyes, a large head with a big black nose and ears that hang to the sides in a living room.

Achilles the Pitweiler

Two large breed brown dogs laying on a blanket in a kitchen.

Achilles the Pitweiler with his Pitweiler friend.

A large breed fawn colored dog sitting down in deep water that reaches the dogs neck.

Achilles the Pitweiler loving the water.

A black and tan with white Pitweiler is climbing up a large boulder-sized rock that has graffiti all over it.

Kira the Rottweiler / Pit Bull mix (Pitweiler) at 2 years old

Front-side view - A panting, black and tan with white Pitweiler is sitting on a tan carpeted staircase next to a black metal railing wearing fairy wings.

Kira the Rottweiler / Pit Bull mix (Pitweiler) at 2 years old sitting on the steps wearing wings

A black and tan with white Pitweler is standing in dirt surrounded by people, tents and fold out chairs. It is licking the face of a boy sitting next to it.

Kira the Rottweiler / Pit Bull mix (Pitweiler) at 2 years old giving kisses

Front view - A short-haired, rose-eared, red and tan Pitweiler dog is laying with its front paws spread out in snow and it is looking up and to the left like it is waiting for someone to toss a ball.

"Sage is our 2.5-year-old, female Rottweiler / Pit Bull mix. We adopted her when her previous owner couldn't handle her and her destructive puppy ways. After many months of hard work (and tons and tons of exercise), we were rewarded with a faithful and intelligent dog. She is not a dog for a novice owner, but rather someone who has experience with strong-willed breeds. Training is kept up daily, and she is highly motivated to work. We are currently training her to compete in working dog sports and are having amazing success with her. Sage definitely respects an alpha personality and craves leadership. Without it, she can be a handful."

Front view - A rose-eared, short-haired, red and tan with white Pitweiler is laying in dirt in front of bushes looking up and to the right.

Sage the Pitweiler at 2.5 years old—"She is incredibly agile, and can hop 5-ft. fences without much effort. She needs an hour minimum of exercise per day, as well as plenty of mental stimulation; even then, she can be extremely destructive. She shares her house currently with a grumpy 10-year-old Jack Russell, and they get along well. We socialized her as much as possible as soon as we got her, and she has many doggy friends."

Front side view - A short-haired, rose-eared, red and tan with white Pitweiler dog is laying down in a blue plastic kiddie pool of water.

"Sage the Pitweiler at 2.5 years old—her father was a Rottie and her mother was a Pit Bull."

Front view - A black and tan with white Pitweiler dog is sitting on a brown hardwood floor looking up.

"This is Lacey, she is a Rottweiler and Pit bull mix. We rescued her from a shelter when she was only 5 months old. The rescue said she was found wondering the streets at 3 months old. They believe that she was bred for fighting, but did not meet the standards. She is now 9 months old, and has become my best friend. She is great with other dogs and people. She loves giving kisses and going on adventures. Lacey loves to play with her toy tire because that is the only toy she hasn't figured out how to destroy yet. The strongest dog I have ever had. I love it when I walk her down the street and people kneel down, she gives them kisses, they hug her then look at me and ask, "What kind of dog is this?" I laugh and say she is a Rottweiler and Pit Bull mix, and they just give me a blank stare like they expected her to be a ferocious beast. People say that they do not like Pit Bulls, and I say, "You will never know how loving they are if you keep thinking how horrible they are.""

A large-breed, tan Pitweiler dog is laying on a tan recliner chair and it is looking forward with its head on the arm.

"This is our Chopper. He is Rottweiler and Pit Bull, but the sweetest thing ever. He is named Chopper after our motorcycle. So that makes him a biker, and as we know, Bikers only look Big and Bad; deep inside they are sweethearts..."

A large-breed, tan Pitweiler dog is laying on its side on a copper brown couch on top of a green jacket with two cats laying at the other end. One cat is pawing at the dog's head.

Chopper the Pitweiler—" seen in here where he is lounging with his kitties."

Front view of two panting, wide chested dogs sitting on a concrete patio in front of a house next to a pink and white reclining lawn chair - A red with white Pitweiler and a black with white Pit Bull.

Sheba the Pitweiler at 10 years old with Nia the purebred Pitbull Terrier—"Sheba is highly intelligent. She took to her training extremely fast and she is a very pleasant companion to have. She is almost rust in color and poses well next to her Pitbull roommate Nia."

Front side view - A short haired, rose eared, tan with white Pitweiler dog is wearing a pink collar laying on a tan tiled floor with its head up looking forward.

"This is my dog Autumn shown here as a 5-month-old puppy. She is a Pit Bull / Rottweiler mix. There had been reports of attempted robbery in the neighborhood. Someone broke in to our house when my sister was the only one home. The man walked right into her room, saw my sister and ran upstairs. This is what drove my mom to get Autumn and now there have been no more reports. Just by this dog’s bark you can tell you don't want to mess with her. Since we got Autumn I have been more and more interested in American Pitt Bull Terriers rights. I think they are just as sweet as any other dog and are the best family dog. Autumn is a mixed breed Pit Bull, but she is the sweetest dog I have ever owned and I have had a White German Shepherd, 2 Yorkies and a Briard. Out of them she is the best, although she has a habit of licking and chewing on things in the trash, but we are working with her on that."