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Pug Pictures

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Front view of a little tan and black dog with a round head, big round eyes, a little pushed back snout and black ears that hang to the sides sitting on a person's lap who is watching TV

"This is Pickles the Pug at 7 months old. He likes to sleep on my head!"

Other Names
  • Carlin
  • Mops
  • Chinese Pug Dog
  • Carlin
  • Dutch Bulldog
  • Dutch Mastiff
Front view head shot of a little wrinkly tan and black dog with a round head, big round black eyes and a nose that is pushed back into the snout sitting on a person's bed

Buster the Pug at 12 years old.

Close up - The right side of a tan with black Pug laying on a black slipper looking forward.

"This is 11-week-old Taffy. Taffy comes to work with her owner every day and her favorite thing is wrestling with the office puppy, a 16-week-old yellow Lab."

A tiny tan with black Pug is standing on a carpet and it is looking forward. To the left of it is a plush tiger doll.

"I read about every small dog on your website before making the decision to get a Pug. And what a perfect choice! Thanks for the help.... Stephanie"

Close up front side view - A wrinkly headed tan with black Pug is laying in grass and it is looking forward. Its mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling.

Taffy all grown up!