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Pomeranian / Schipperke Mixed Breed Dogs

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A fluffy little dog with a graying muzzle and perk ears, brown eyes and a black nose sitting down in grass

"This is my Pomeranian x Schipperke mix dog Beau (French for handsome). We usually call him “Beau Chum”. He weighs 15lbs and turned 12 years old on July 9th of this year. "

A woman standing on a wide trail in the woods holding two leashes for two large breed dogs with a little black dog off leash in the middle of them

"Beau is an amazing companion dog and wants nothing more than to be with his pack, my wife, myself, our lemon Fox Hound and our Plott Hound. He is trilingual (French English and dog!). "

A little thick coated black dog with mud covering his muzzle standing outside

"Beau loves chasing squirrels and going for his walks in the woods. He will not leave his pack and does not need to be leashed. "

A fluffy little black dog with mud all over his face with his front paws on a person who is sitting outside on a wooden deck with flowers at the edge of the deck

"Beau is extremely emotionally connected, so much so that he gets sick/ unwell when ever my wife or I are under stress from work or school. He LOVES winter and snow, and rolls around in the snow every day it is present. He will galavant for hours on our acreage, especially when it’s not too hot. Speaking of which he easily overheats with his long thick coat. "

A thick coated little black dog with a graying muzzle sitting on a hardwood floor next to a person who is sitting on the floor next to the dog

"Beau is sooo soft, and requires very little maintenance, which we find surprising as his coat is so long and thick. He is good with our flock of chickens, regularly sitting amongst them eating the snacks (fruits and veggies) we give them. He also gets along great with our cats."

A thick coated long haired black dog with perk ears laying next to a man's head who is laying on a brown leather couch

"Beau is a good communicator, always letting us know if he is hungry, wants to go out, or wants to go to bed (he loves bed time at the foot of our bed..). At 12 years old, he suffers from collapsing traquia, and a slipping knee cap. Both are managed with a good glucosamine supplement. Otherwise the vets say he is in impeccable health."