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Shiloh Shepherd Pictures

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Close up - Two Shiloh Shepherd puppies are laying across a carpeted surface, there mouths are open, tongues are sticking out and they're looking to the left. One dog is black and the other dog is tan with black. The pups ears are hanging down to the sides.

"Shadow (left) and Chase (right), two Shiloh Shepherd puppies shown here at 7 weeks old, whelped from the same litter. Even within the same litter, pups can look different and have different personalities. At 11 weeks old, Shadow's ears started to stand up in the perk position. First one side, then it went down again, now the other side is up. Both of Chase's ears have been all the way up since she was 9 weeks old. At 11 weeks old, Chase was also at least 3 lbs. bigger than Shadow. Noah the sire (father of the puppies) is a huge shepherd, and Chase looks just like him when he was a baby. Chase is the clown and the hooligan. She always started the fights in play. But Shadow always ended them in seriousness. Shadow was more shy and quiet, while Chase was the attention-getter and people-person. But Chase went to a new home and without Chase around, Shadow has taken on the social role and is all laughs now. Both pups still spend a lot of time sleeping.

"Shiloh Shepherd puppy was 10 ½ weeks—Shadow pooped in our bedroom this morning. Shadow came in the bedroom with my son to play for a bit, while we watched the morning news and drank our coffee. Rather than get up and out of my warm covers, I had my son shut the bedroom door so she would stay where I could see her. Shadow played for a while, and then scratched at the door. I said to my older daughter, "Shadow wants to get out, bring her downstairs and let her out." She said, "She's your dog, you do it." I was just oh so cozy and sipping hot coffee, I just didn't get right up. Without me noticing, because it probably happened while my daughter was dissing me, she walked to my husband's side of the bed, opposite side of where she plays (she won't poop where she plays)...and took a big, soft dump. But she did ask. I needed to JUMP. But I didn't, so I deserved it.

"It is not really a natural thing for a dog to pee or poop in his crate. Wolf mothers are meticulous about keeping the "nest" very clean. So, once a baby starts eating solid food, and the mother no longer cleans it up because they can walk at this point too (at this point the mama wolf and den mates would have trained the pups to eliminate outside the den), it is up to the BREEDER to keep the box/nest very clean. This causes an aversion to poop and pee. When this is done right, by the time the buyer purchases the pup, he will already be ready to not pee in his crate or bed. They do not pee or poop where they eat or where they sleep. I whelped Shadow myself, and she has never messed in her crate or on a dog bed because I cleaned up after her meticulously. Running up and down the steps 520 million times a day to do laundry, and clean with 409 on the side where they did go, and were supposed to go. The Misty Method whelping box did help a lot because it gave them a place to go that was separate from the food and play area. So believe it or not, what goes on from the time of birth to the time you buy the pup plays a big role on the young life and what a buyer will be faced with." TSSR registered = The Shiloh Shepherd Registry

A red haired boy is sitting in the backseat of a vehicle and he has his right arm over the back of a black Shiloh Shepherd puppy that is sitting next to him.

"Wyatt and Shadow—Shadow the Shiloh Shepherd puppy is almost 12 weeks old here.

"Sitting comfortably on the back seat of the van with her family member, Wyatt, age 6, you can see that she is calm, secure and relaxed. I was particular about taking her on many car rides at a very young age so the transition from housebound to traveling dog was actually quite effortless. Now she gets in by herself when asked, but I still wouldn't say that car rides are something she LOVES just yet. I have owned dogs in the past that LIVED for that car ride to anywhere. Shadow is very agreeable and obedient about going, but it isn't something she gets very excited and thrilled about. This can readily change as she grows and realizes that the car takes her to fun places most of the time.

"When Shadow and her littermate Chase were 6 and 7 weeks of age, Chase ALWAYS vomited during car rides. At that age she would cry for the entire ride and then throw up. Shadow cried too, but then would calm down. She has never vomited in the car...yet. There is always a good chance she will. It is very common for young pups to get car sick, so be prepared with old towels, cleansers and wipes. I always laid an old sheet down first. It helped, but there was still a mess to clean off the dogs.

"At twelve weeks old, Chase has stopped the car sickness and fear crying, due to kind, loving persistence by her new owner."

The back right of a black with tan and grey Shiloh Shepherd puppy that is standing across a snowy surface and it is looking back.

Meadow the TSSR-registered Shiloh Shepherd as a puppy at 6 months (TSSR = The Shiloh Shepherd Registry)

A black with tan and grey Shiloh Shepherd is laying across a carpet, its mouth is open and its tongue is out. There are framed photos behind the dog.

Meadow the TSSR-registered Shiloh Shepherd as a puppy at 8 months

A black and grey with tan short haired Shiloh Shepherd dog laying in grass looking to the right panting and it is laying under a tree.

Dakota the smooth-coated Shiloh Shepherd at 1 year old—"He is registered with the TSSR and his registered name is Beloved Legacy of the Sioux. He is of the Zoey/Noah breeding of beloved Shilohs. Dakota is a second-generation outcross; his dad Noah is half German Shepherd. Dakota’s puppies will be considered full Shiloh. He is a light brown sable."

The left side of a black and grey with tan short haired coated Shiloh Shepherd is standing in snow and there is a wooden fence behind it.

Dakota the smooth-coated Shiloh Shepherd as a puppy at 9 months old

A black and grey with tan short haired Shiloh Shepherd puppy is laying on grass and it is looking to the left.

Dakota the smooth-coated Shiloh Shepherd as a puppy at 4 months old

Close up - A fluffy black and grey with tan smooth coated Shiloh Shepherd puppy is sitting in grass, it is looking forward, its mouth is open and its tongue is sticking out. The pups ears are hanging down to the sides.

Dakota the smooth-coated Shiloh Shepherd as a puppy at 9 weeks old