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Zuchon Pictures

Bichon Frise / Shih Tzu Mixed Breed Dogs

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A white with gray and brown Zuchon puppy is laying on a bed. It is looking forward, its mouth is open and it looks like it is smiling. there is a person laying to the right of it. The dog looks happy and soft like a stuffed toy.

"This is Rascal the Zuchon (Bichon / Shih Tzu mix) puppy at 4 months old. He enjoys taking long walks and meeting new friends at the park. He also loves lots of attention and when people say how cute he is. Some of his favorite things to play with are cardboard, any kind of paper products and socks. He is always in a great mood, but can be a rascal at times."

Other Names
  • BichonTzu
  • Rag Doll
  • Shichon
  • Shih-Chon
  • Shichon-Teddy Bear
  • Shihchon
  • Teddy Bear
  • Tzu Frise
The left side of a white with gray and black Zuchon puppy that is sitting on a rug and it is wearing a knit sweater. it is looking to the left. Its ears hang down to the sides.

"Howard (aka Howie) the Zuchon puppy at 2.5 months, the first day I had him and after his first bath. He is a first-generation Zuchon. He is the happiest and most energetic puppy. He is super-loving toward everyone and was already potty-trained at 3 months! His mother is a Bichon and his father is a Shih Tzu."

Close up - A white with gray and black Zuchon puppy is laying in grass and it is looking up. It has a thick furry coat.

Howard the Zuchon puppy at 3 months

The right side of a white with black Zuchon puppy that is laying across a carpet and it is looking forward.

Maggie the Zuchon puppy at about 6 weeks old—"Maggie Loucielle Rhoades is a Bichon Frise and a Shih Tzu mixed. She is the nicest, cutest dog anyone could ask for. Potty training is going very well. They do not bark, sweat or shed hair. They have no allergies or health problems. They do whine when in crate. If you don't spoil them I think they would get used to the crate and not whine. We spoil Maggie so she has not gotten used to the crate; only our bed. One other problem is they smell really bad around the eyes if you don't clean under the eyes every other day. The vet said to put Vaseline under each eye so when their eyes drain it will spread out and not collect in one area. For me a little Johnson & Johnson shampoo under the eyes once every other day takes the smell away. Well, Maggie is licking my leg, telling me it’s time for bed."

The front left side of a white Zuchon dog laying on a green blanket and it is wearing a purple bandana. It has a thick wavy coat, an underbite that shows its bottom teeth, dark round eyes and a black nose.

Cooky the Zuchon (Shih Tzu / Bichon cross) at 10 months old—"She was bred from a Bichon dad and Shih Tzu mother. This wonderful little pup is very intelligent and communicative. She loves to play and has a toy box full of toys that she routinely picks from and invites us to play with her! She has completed puppy kindergarten and is ongoing with her puppy education! She brightens our days with cuddles and licks and cute puppy tricks! One exploit was that one evening when she rebelled against her puppy food; she was told to eat it or nothing. From the den a rustle, rustle, rustle could be heard. On investigation, it seems she managed to open the pantry door, get out her bag of doggie treats from the bottom shelf, and took them to the couch to settle down for an evening of junk food! She watches everything we do—everyyyy-thing—heavy sigh!"

The front right side of a thick coated, tan and brown Zuchon dog laying across a hardwood floor. It is looking up and forward.

Coco the Zuchon (commonly called Shichon) at 1 year old

The right side of a tan and brown Zuchon that is standing across a yard and there is a flower bush behind it. The dog is looking forward and has a body that is shaved short with longer hair on its long tail and longer hair onits long drop ears. It has a black nose and dark eyes.

Rusty the Zuchon (Bichon / Shih Tzu mix) at 1 year old

The right side of a curly coated, tan with brown Zuchon that is sitting across a grass field. It is looking up, forward and its mouth is open. It has long drop ears with long dark hair on them.

Rusty the Zuchon (Bichon / Shih Tzu mix) at 1 year old

Two soft, fluffy little puppies sleeping on black and white bedding

Teddy Bear Zuchons as puppies

An adult soft white, small dog laying down on a brown pillow in front of a lady who is hiding behind him

Teddy Bear Zuchon as an adult dog

A small white curly coated shaved dog standing in a hallway next to a plush dog toy

Teddy Bear Zuchon as an adult dog