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American Pit Bull Terrier Pictures

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Nala the gray and white Pit Bull Terrier sitting on grass looking into the distance

Nala the Pit Bull Terrier at 1 year old—"Nala is our blue nose APBT. We adopted her as a puppy at a few months old. She lives with myself, my husband, our 8 year old son Russell, two cats and our ferret. She is an extremely loving and a well balanced dog. She is extremely smart and always focused on us. She knows all of the basic tricks plus many more, walks off leash, plays fetch and swims like a Lab. She plays at the dog park and is very submissive. She is not animal aggressive! We love Ceasar Millan and followed all his advice. I have read two of his books and have an extremely well balanced dog to thank him for, along with lots of dedication to training her. We now have a dog that people envy because of our love, dedication,early socialization, pack leader mentality, and knowledge of the breed. We can and do include Nala in everything we do!"

Other Names

Pit Bull



Pit Terrier

Half and Half

Staffordshire Fighting Dog

Bull Baiter Dogs

Old Family Dog - the Irish name

Yankee Terrier - the Northern name

Rebel Terrier - the Southern name

Close Up - Nala the Pit Bull Terrier sitting on grass

Nala the Pit Bull Terrier at 1 year old

Nala standing on floor with a black leather couch in the background

Nala the Pit Bull Terrier at 1 year old

Three Pit Bull Terriers on a lawn playing tug of war with a rubber tire

"Every Sunday afternoon my husband and I take our three Pit Bulls, 4-year-old Daisy, 3-year-old Kahn and 1-year-old Layla to the local baseball field for a day of exercise and "tug-o-war" which they love. We are breeders, of course and may be biased about the breed itself, however, I can fully attest that APBTs are loyal, loving, protective and truly are the best child-oriented dog I've come across. We are currently trying to change the broad misconception that Pit Bulls are naturally born aggressive dogs; it's the owner themselves that makes ANY dog "combative." Our Pits adore our 5-year-old daughter, and Kahn himself is usually used as a pony for outside play or as a floatation device when at the river or lake. While my husband worked out of town for a week at a time throughout the first 6 months of our marriage, I was frequently left alone and knew without a doubt that my dogs would protect me if need be, which they did on one horrible occasion. Someone attempted to break into our home knowing I was alone, and they knew instinctively came to my aide. The would-be intruder never had his/her chance to enter."

"We frequently watch "The Dog Whisperer," have read Caesar Millan's books and have become skilled at training our Pit Bulls and fully understanding their nature and need. I recommend his books constantly to those I know and speak to about the confusion of handling any dog. And of course we love seeing Daddy on the shows and always love his involvement in the rehabilitation process. Junior is obviously one of our favorites with us owning blue Pit Bulls; he’s absolutely gorgeous!"

Three Pit Bull Terriers laying down in front of a door

"I love my Pits. They're my babies. I would do anything for them, just as they do anything for me. The white one is Jasper. He was rescued from a Detroit drug dealer at 2 years of age. He used to weigh 12 lbs. He is the sweetest little boy ever. The brown Pit is Tess. I rescued her from a junkyard in Detroit, along with a few other dogs, but she was the baby. She was horribly ill and I fell totally in love. The black and white Pitbull is Miss Annie. She was bought and paid for. I used to carry her in my purse to the grocery store. Wherever I went, she went. She has the most personality. She is too smart for her own good. The 3 of them together are phenomenal. They open doors and  help them self to Christmas dinner, but they are my life. I am a totally different person because of those dogs."

Marley the American Pit bull Terrier standing on grass with its mouth open and tongue out with a metal lawn chair in the Background

"This is our wonderful American Pit Bull Terrier at 18 months young. Her name is Marley and she is a pleasure to have. She also has a friend Vegas who is a Dachshund + Lab mix and 4 cats that she's around all the time, and yes they all get along just fine. About 16 months ago my 20-year-old son dropped Marley off by our house and asked if we would watch her for a few days. Well, a few days turned out to be 18 months, and for his information he's not getting her back. Marley is a wonderful house pet and she has a large fenced-in yard which she plays in all the time. My wife and I simply love her to no end. She is the most loyal dog I have ever known, and the energy she has is just astounding. I feel so bad when I hear all the negative talk about the Pit Bulls. I for one can say that they are one of the best companions you can find."

Marley the American Pit bull Terrier sniffing the grass with a house in the background

Marley the American Pit Bull Terrier at 18 months old

Lotus the red-nose Pit Bull Terrier laying down on a blue carpet

"I've been thinking about submitting pictures of Lotus, my wonderful American Pit Bull Terrier for a while. Your website helped me decide that a Pit Bull would be the best dog for my family. After making that decision, we went with Pacific Northwest Pit Bull Rescue to find a dog to adopt. Lotus was two years old and was listed as "good with kids, dogs, cats, and even bunnies!" so we decided to try and see if we were a good fit for each other. We have two cats, Hero and Canvas, and it was very important to me that we adopted a dog that was friendly toward cats. Lotus immediately fit into the family—she thinks that Hero is the boss; they get along well and even sleep next to each other. We have a fenced half-acre, so she has plenty of room to run around and I do take her on long walks, but she is a pretty lazy dog! We joke that she is solar-powered because she likes to sleep so much, especially on gray days. She puts herself to bed at 8 p.m. just about every night."

"Lotus is the most people-friendly dog I have ever met. She loves all people and would like nothing better than to be with people all the time. When we go for walks, little kids will often rush up to her and ask to pet her. She quietly sits and lets them and then we move on. In my research about Pit Bulls I've found that Lotus is probably one of the best examples of a purebred—she's not actually a guard dog, but she is watchful. Her size (55 pounds of solid muscle) intimidates people, but she thinks she's a lapdog. She is always eager to please and thus easy to correct and train."

"Lotus's best friend is a little Shih Tzu; in fact, her favorite breed seems to be Shih Tzus because she gets along with them really well. With Thumper, her best friend, she shares bones and toys and they love to go for walks together. She is well behaved at doggy daycare and loves to play with other dogs. She doesn't bark or act aggressively unless she is on a leash and is reacting to another aggressive dog (she never barks or takes an aggressive posture first). However, she does listen very well and we can distract her from the other aggressive dogs and move on in our walks. I am starting to read some of Cesar Millan's works and am looking into local training groups that use his philosophies so that I can get Lotus to completely ignore other aggressive dogs at all times."

"I love Pit Bulls because of my experience with Lotus and our journey into the land of Pit Bull lovers. My family will now always have Pit Bulls as our preferred breed of dog!"

Jordan the Pitbull Terrier sitting in front of a door with its mouth open and an overlayed it says 'Jordan Parada'

"When my husband mentioned the idea of buying a Pit Bull, I was terrified. Yet, I decided to do my homework and research the real nature of these dogs instead of going off of what the media tells us. To my surprise I found a lot of helpful and positive information. We also watched weekend marathons of the Dog Whisperer in order to prepare ourselves (this was our first 'inside' dog). We bought Jordan from my uncle who breeds and sells these awesome dogs (only to responsible owners). There has never been a day we regretted making him a family addition. Jordan has also won many of our friends and family members hearts who, like me at one point, did not understand the loving nature of this breed. Jordan loves walks, he loves playing fetch in our backyard, and he loves to lie around and be lazy with us sometimes on our couch or bed."

Jordan the Pitbull Terrier laying on a tiled floor next to a child overlayed on the image is a hand drawn heart in the top left and in the bottom right is 8 butterflies

"He absolutely loves kids and with very little training learned to be gentle and calm around them to avoid knocking them over. Jordan is an indoor dog and with little training learned to respect our home and live by the rules. There are certain rooms (my father-in-law's, for example) that he is not allowed to enter; he does not destroy anything and only jumps on our bed if we ask him to. I will never go back to another breed. My husband and I love your beautiful blue Pit Bull!"

Red-nose American Pit Bull Terrier sitting on a lawn wearing a leash

'PR' Mt. Brier’s War Lord of Ro-Ki AKA Leon, shown here at about 1 year. Photo courtesy of Mount Brier Farms

American Pit Bull Terrier happily walking on a lawn with its mouth open and wearing a leash

Leon at 1 year old, photo courtesy of Mount Brier Farms

American Pit Bull Terrier laying on grass with its mouth open squinting its eyes and tongue out playing with a spider toy with a leash on

Leon at 1 year old, photo courtesy of Mount Brier Farms

American Pit Bull Terrier sitting in gravel with its mouth open and tongue out wearing a thick black spike collar

Nico the Bandit, a 5-month red-nose APBT from Puerto Rico

American Pit Bull Terrier laying down in grass with its mouth open and its tongue out

Nico the Bandit, a 5-month red-nose APBT from Puerto Rico

Rocket the American Pit Bull Terrier with cropped ears standing on snow

Rocket is a very friendly Pit; he loves people.

Evie Stevie the black and white Pit Bull Terrier laying down on a blue sheet wearing a choke chain collar

Evie Stevie the black and white Pit Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Terrier laying on floor with a toy. Overlayed it has the words 'Hey Little Mamma!'

Black and white Pit Bull Terrier

Destaney the fat black and white American Pit Bull Terrier sitting on a couch

Destaney the black and white Pit Bull