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My Apartment Puppy—Second Dog Park Experience

Four dogs at a dog park in the little dog section

Zippy's second dog park experience was a little more eventful as more dogs showed up to play with her. She meets a Beagle Dachshund mix, a Corgi Jack Russell mix, a Rat Terrier mix and a Dachshund Pomeranian Pit Bull mix (not pictured)

A little white and black dog with her head in a hole at the dog park

Zippy starts digging a hole and the Corgi Jack mix gets curious and comes over to see what she is doing.

A little doodle puppy laying down as a tri color small dog starts to run away

Zippy and Ellie, the Rat Terier mix.

A small fluffy puppy chasing a short haired terrier dog

Zippy had fun chasing after the super fast Ellie.

A fluffy long haired puppy looking at a short haired tri color terrier

Ellie had some spunk to her and Zippy seemed to like her style.

Two dogs running at a dog park

And they are off. Zippy was not as fast as Ellie, but that did not stop her from trying to catch her.

Three dogs at a dog park, two are smelling each other

The Corgi Dachshund mix decides to see what Zippy smells like as Ellie waits to see who is going to take off running next.

Three dogs walking inside a dog park area

The Corgi Dachshund and Ellie the Rat Terrier mix walk off as Zippy follows behind them.

Three dogs running at a dog park with the third dog far behind

And then they start to run and Zippy takes off in pursuit.

A little doodle dog digging a hole with a Terrier mix watching

Zippy starts at her hole digging again and this time Ellie comes over to see what the deal is.

A dog smelling another dog

The Corgi Jack Russell mix smelling Zippy.

A long haired girl kneeling down with her little doodle dog at a dog park

It was a sign it was time for me and Zippy to head out when she started hanging out at my feet and even layed down and tried to take a nap.