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Assateague Pony

of Assateague and Chincoteague Islands

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The sign says 'Warning Off-Road Zone $70.00OSV Permit Required to Enter' and another sign says 'REGULATIONS PROHIBIT: Driving on Dunes or Vegetation, Dogs off leash, Open containers of alcoholic beverages in vehicles, Camping on Beach, Exceeding 25mph speed limit, Reckless Driving'

If you would like to venture even further into the island, you will need an off-road vehicle and to purchase a permit. The permit as of Ssummer of 2012 costs $70-$150, depending on the type of access desired; it is good for a year. The National Park Service has established regulations on the type of vehicle you may take onto the beaches and requires you to carry certain equipment with you while on their off road trail. Read the Requirements.

Assateague Ranger pay station

A quick stop at the ranger’s station to pay your permit fee, sign some paperwork and you’re on your way.

A Sandy road

Off-road trail leading to Assateague Island National Seashore

A car is driving down a sandy road Sandy road with tracks in the sand A Sandy road and the Atlantic Ocean is at the end.

I wasn't sure what to expect or if the trouble of purchasing the permit was worth the time and money, however what we saw quickly proved to be well worth it!

People fishing and swimming with Ponies walking on the beach

People were fishing and swimming in the ocean as wild ponies walked right by.

Ponies walking down the beach along the water

There were fewer flies along the beach and the ponies seemed more comfortable.

Ponies standing beachside with a family fishing in the background Three Ponies walking beachside Three Ponies walking along the ocean with waves crashing next to them Three Ponies walking along the shore next to the water
Close Up - Pony standing beachside with people in the background Paint pony standing beachside with people in the background Paint pony standing on a windy beach with people swimming in the water in the background Close Up - Ponies head Close Up - Pony standing on the beach