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Munchkin Cat

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A short-legged, bright blue-eyed cat sitting on a tan carpet looking up at the camera

Holly the blue-eyed Siamese Munchkin cat


The Munchkin is a domestic cat breed characterized by unusually short legs. A spontaneous change in the genetic heritage of the cat has introduced a gene similar to that seen in the Basset Hound, Corgi, and Dachshund, which the Munchkin closely resembles. However these cats have been proven free of the spinal problems sometimes found in the Dachshund. The Munchkin is a medium sized cat with a substantial, thick semi-foreign body type and a well-rounded chest. Munchkin litters consist of both short and long legged kittens. Male Munchkins are generally larger than their female counterparts.



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Munchkins are definitely exquisite cats full of cat adventurousness that all cat lovers appreciate, fully equipped with personality plus some, palsy-walsy, self-assured, and trainable to walk with a bounce on a leash. With amazement and enjoyment you'll watch these cuddly little cuties accelerate, taking corners like small sports cars ducking under household objects. They can be taught to play fetch and to zestfully obey voice commands. The Munchkin is sociable and enjoys company. Friendly and self-assured, the Munchkin gets along well with other cats, dogs and people. They retain their kitten personalities throughout their lives.

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A cat with short legs laying on a human's bed

Heather the blue-eyed Munchkin cat

A cat with short legs laying on the back of a couch and another cat with short legs laying on a window sill

Two Munchkin cats

Side-view of a white cat with very short front legs

Photo courtesy of Conway's Saints and Kitty Correl