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Dogue de Bordeaux Pictures

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A man in a red shirt sitting outside at a restaurant with an extra large orange colored dog that has a patch of white on his wide chest, a big head with wrinkles and big paws

Ruckus the Dogue de Bordeaux

Other Names
  • French Mastiff
  • Bordeaux Bulldog
A huge red mastiff with a big head and a wrinkly snout swimming in water while wearing a black spiked collar

Ruckus the Dogue de Bordeaux

An extra large mastiff dog with a copper colored coat, a lot of extra skin and wrinkles, a big brown nose and a large mouth standing outside looking into a window with green leaves behind him

Ruckus the Dogue de Bordeaux

A huge brown dog with a big winkly head and a lot of extra skin laying down on a tan tiled floor

Kylie the Dogue de Bordeaux at 4 years old

An extra reddish-orange large dog with a huge head that is bigger than the toddler that his holding onto the dogs back outside in a driveway next to a red car

Leona the Dogue de Bordeaux