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Dogue de Bordeaux Pictures

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A Dogue de Bordeaux is standing in a yard. There is a large fence and a brick building in the background with two other dogs behind the fence

Univer Van De Paterhoek, photo courtesy of Kennel Van De Paterhoek

Other Names
  • French Mastiff
  • Bordeaux Bulldog
Diego the Dogue De Bordeaux puppy is sitting in front of a couch on a hardwood floor. There is a dumbbell in the background

"This is my Dogue de Bordeaux puppy at 4 months old. His name is Diego. I live in Toronto, Canada, and got him from a breeder about a 3-hour drive away in Chatham, Ontario."

"He weighs about 45 lbs. in this picture and is growing by the minute! He has a great temperament, very friendly and curious. He is super confident and will head into the unknown without fear. He is not aggressive at all but he is very stubborn and tends to push the “pack order” often. I have tried to be as consistent as I can be with my training and with demonstrating that I am the pack leader. He was the most adventurous and lively from his litter and was first to feed and first to jump on and play with his littermates so I knew he would be a handful when picking him."

Diego the Dogue de Bordeaux Puppy is sitting on a blue and white plaid pillow. There is a dumbbell behind the pillow

Diego the Dogue de Bordeaux puppy at 8 weeks old—"He learns very quickly and already knows how to sit, lie down, heel, shake paw and bark on command. The challenge hasn’t been teaching him, the challenge has been getting him to do it when I ask, like I said before, he can be very stubborn! He requires a fair bit of exercise. I take him to the park daily and get him to run around. We play chase games and hide-and-seek. Now that he has all of his shots he’s been to the dog park quite a few times. He does very well with other dogs, respecting the older dogs that want to be left alone and playing only with the dogs that reciprocate his excitement. He has been enrolled in a puppy socializing class, which he started at 12 weeks. It was very important to me to get him to be exposed to dogs and different kinds of people at an early age and it has really paid off.

"I have been following all the tips and tricks on the website as well as what I’ve taken from watching Caesar Millan on the Dog Whisperer. I know there is still a lot of training and growing to do but so far it seems to be very helpful. I would recommend anyone read his books and read through your website, especially with a breed like the Dogue."

Kona the Dogue de Bordeaux is standing on a large rock in front of a cave.

"Kona is a rescue dog, as his owners abandoned him when they moved. When Rott'n PAWS Rescue got him he was 20 pounds underweight and dehydrated. Despite his previous neglect, he was very sweet but a little shy and aloof. In the past few months Kona has really come out of his shell. He's much more comfortable showing affection, as he now enjoys snuggling on the bed. He LOVES to play with other dogs, swim at the lake, and is the newest member to our local Schutzhund group. He is currently about one year old and 100 pounds. His nickname is Pigpen—he drools a bit, lloves to run around in the yard like a two-year-old boy and then come into the house and share his dirt. Everyone who meets Kona ends up loving him in mere minutes."

Close Up - Kona the Dogue De Bordeaux is laying on a tan couch

Kona the Dogue de Bordeaux at 17 months old

An orange Dogue de Bordeaux is standing outside in snow while it is snowing. There is a small body of water behind it

This powerful looking Dogue de Bordeaux is named Hooch. Photo courtesy of Blockheads

Diva the Dogue de Bordeaux is on a back red deck jumped up at a red fence while she licks her nose

This is Diva, a four-year-old Dogue de Bordeaux. She is cleaning her own drool off her face so you will pet her.

Doortje the Dogue de Bordeaux is laying on a hardwood floor and there is a large wooden table behind her

This is Doortje, a fine-looking Dogue de Bordeaux. Photo courtesy of Blockheads

Truck the Dogue de Bordeauxis standing outside and looking to the left. There is a person next to it. There is a brown and a white border around the image

This is Truck from Back Country Dogue de Bordeaux's.

Ali the Dogue de Bordeaux Puppy is laying on a very colorful couch with a colorful pillow behind it

Ali, 12-week-old female, photo courtesy of Bordeauville Kennels

Grizz the Dogue de Bordeaux is standing outside. Its mouth is open and there is a street behind it

Grizz, 5-year-old male, N.Z. Champion, photo courtesy of Bordeauville Kennels

Donar the Dogue de Bordeaux is in a body of water with only his head showing.

Donar loves to swim. When he is tired he just sits in the water to rest.