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List of Bulldog Mix Breed Dogs

Front view of a wide, thick, muscular dog with a large head, ears that hang down to the sides, a large blocky muzzle and wrinkles sitting down in front of a sliding glass door.

"This is our Beagle/English Bulldog, Diesel. He is the most affectionate dog we have ever met and he loves to cuddle. He hates when we leave and is overjoyed when we get home. He has a typical “stubby” English Bulldog tail that is too small to “wag” enough for all of his excitement so he usually ends up wagging his entire rear end.

Diesel is very excitable and VERY strong for 44 pounds so we’ve learned to not play rough with him and give him plenty of exercise. He can outlast us on a 3 mile jog! Diesel also has an incredible appetite, and will eat everything in sight. We have to temper his meals and portions."

Other Bulldog Breed Names
  • English Bulldog
  • British Bulldog
A tan and white thick, well muscled puppy with a lot of extra skin, wrinkles and wide ears that hang down to the sides with a black nose and large lips that hang down, huge paws and droopy eyes laying down on a brown couch.

Diesel the English Bulldog / Beagle mix as a puppy.

A thick, muscular, wide dog with a very large head, big paws, a long tail, wrinkles on his head and extra skin under his arms with a white face, black nose and droopy eyes laying down on a white and pink couch on top of a green blanket.

Famous Amos Moses the English Bulldog / American Bulldog mix breed dog at one year old weighing in at 115 lbs. (52 kg).