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Labradoodle Pictures

Labrador Retriever / Poodle Mixed Breed Dogs

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A white Labradoolde is standing on a black top surface. It is surrounded by people and tables with things for sale.

Adult white Labradoodle at the flea market

Other Names
  • American Labradoodle
  • Labradorpoo
  • Labradordoodle
  • Labrapoo
  • Labrapoodle
  • Standard Labradoodle
Close up head shot - A tan wavy Labradoodle is sitting on a rug and looking up. Its mouth is open, it looks like it is smiling

This is Hero. He is half Lab, half Standard Poodle, making him an F1 Labradoodle.

A small tan Labradoodle puppy is laying on a hardwood floor and playing with a rope toy

Snowy the Labradoodle as a puppy playing with his rope toy

A tan wavy-coated Labradoodle is laying in top of a large bolder rock. There is a stump and a log behind it with a nice view of the mountains. The dog's head is tilted to the right and its mouth is a little bit open

This is Jake. He is an 8-month-old F1 Labradoodle. He is taking a break from a hike in Hope, British Columbia.

A fuzzy, tan Labradoodle puppy is sitting on a hardwood floor looking forward

Zuzu at 15 weeks

A fuzzy tan puppy sleeping on its side in wood chips with wood stuck to its belly and face.

Petie the Labradoodle as a puppy sleeping in wood chips.

A wavy, black Labradoodle is laying spread out on a hardwood floor next to a table with a red wiffle ball in its mouth

Stella is from Acme Creek Kennels in Traverse City, Michigan.

Close Up upper body shot from the front - A black Labradoodle is sitting on a colorful throw rug in front of a sliding glass door showing the snow out on the deck behind it. It has snow all over its muzzle

Hi, my name is Dexter. The other day I was just minding my own business when my owner came in and starting yelling as if I was doing something wrong. Click here to see what I was doing.

A wavy, black Labradoodle is laying on a pink towel on top of a hardwood floor and there is a sliding door next it and a chair on the other side of it.

Dexter coming in from the rain