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List of Poodle Mix Dog Breeds

(Hybrid Dogs) (Designer Dogs) (Poos) (Doodles)

Two fluffy little white dogs sitting side by side on a shiny red couch with their heads tilted to the right

Bich-poos littermates, Zoey and Bonnie as puppies at 9 weeks old

People seem to have a fascination with Poodle mixed breeds. Why? Who knows; maybe because Poodles are very intelligent and do not shed. They tend to be hypoallergenic for most owners and are often a good choice for allergy sufferers. Keep in mind however, if you mix a Poodle with a dog that does shed the Poodle mix may shed, if it inherited the shedding trait from the non-Poodle parent. Many different Poodle mixes are emerging. And it’s not just Poodle mixes, many different "designer" dogs (as the media has labeled them) are being bred. What is a "designer" dog, you ask?

Please Note: A hybrid dog is not a BREED; it is a hybrid, which means it is a mix of more than one purebred dog.

Scientifically speaking, the term "hybrid” is incorrect as all dogs are a sub-species of wolf (Canis lupus familiaris) and as such, it is impossible to have a hybrid as they are two of the same species. Although technically incorrect, the term "hybrid" is the name which is predominantly used for these mixes and therefore it is the name we will also use when referring to them.

  • Poodle x Affenpinscher mix = Affenpoo
  • Poodle x Afghan Hound mix = Pooghan
  • Poodle x Airedale Terrier mix = Airedoodle
  • Poodle x Akita mix = Aki-Poo
  • Poodle x Alaskan Malamute = Malamoodle
  • Poodle x American Eskimo Dog mix = Eskapoo
  • Poodle x American Rat Terrier mix = Rattle
  • Poodle x Australian Cattle Dog = Cattle Doodle
  • Poodle x Australian Shepherd mix = Aussiedoodle
  • Poodle x Australian Terrier mix = Terri-Poo
  • Poodle x Basset Hound mix = Bassetoodle
  • Poodle x Beagle mix = Poogle
  • Poodle x Bearded Collie mix = Beardoodle
  • Poodle x Beauceron mix = Beauceroodle
  • Poodle x Belgian Shepherd = Belgian Shepadoodle
  • Poodle x Belgian Malinois = Malinoodle
  • Poodle x Belgian Tervuren mix = Tervoodle
  • Poodle x Bernese Mountain Dog mix = Bernedoodle
  • Poodle x Bichon Frise mix = Bich-poo
  • Poodle x Bichon Frise x Poodle x Shih Tzu mix = Daisy Dog
  • Poodle x Black and Tan Coonhound mix = Black and Tan Coonoodle
  • Poodle x Black Russian Terrier mix = Russian Doodle Terrier
  • Poodle x Bluetick Coonhound = Bluetick Coonoodle
  • Poodle x Bolognese mix = Bolonoodle
  • Poodle x Border Collie mix = Bordoodle
  • Poodle x Boston Terrier mix = Bossi-Poo
  • Poodle x Bouvier des Flandres mix = Flandoodle
  • Poodle x Boxer mix = Boxerdoodle
  • Poodle x Briard mix = Bridoodle
  • Poodle x Brittany Spaniel mix = Brittnepoo
  • Poodle x Brussels Griffon mix = Broodle Griffon
  • Poodle x Cairn Terrier mix = Cairnoodle
  • Poodle x Canaan Dog mix = Candoodle
  • Poodle x Catahoula Leopard Dog mix = Pooahoula
  • Poodle x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix = Cavapoo
  • Poodle x Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix = Chesa-Poo
  • Poodle x Chihuahua mix = Chi-Poo
  • Poodle x Chinese Crested mix = Chinese Crestepoo
  • Poodle x Cock-A-Poo mix = Lacasapoo
  • Poodle x Cocker Spaniel mix = Cockapoo
  • Poodle x Cocker Spaniel x Golden Retriever mix = Miniature Golden Retriever
  • Poodle x Collie mix = Cadoodle
  • Poodle x Corgi mix = Corgipoo
  • Poodle x Coton de Tulear mix = Poo-Ton

Official AKC-Recognized Poodles

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Non-AKC Poodle Types

Klein Poodle

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