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Miniature Schnauzer Pictures

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A glack medium-sized dog with short hair on its back and longer thick hair on its legs, belly and face and eyebrows with v-shaped black ears and dark brown eyes and a black nose standing in a grassy yard with its pink tongue sticking out. It is wearing a bright red collar. Its tail is docked short.

"Hi, My name is SGT Wynston! I'm a black Miniature Schnauzer and I just turned 4 years old. I guess you could say I'm a traveling dog, I have visited KY, TN, GA, FL and Key West just to name a few! I love to ride in the car, talk walks, play with my toys and dance for my treats! My master tells me everyday how smart I am ;-) If you ask me I'm really not a dog at all, I'm a 4 legged human... bark bark!!"

Other Names

Dwarf Schnauzer

Mini Schnauzer


A large-eared light gray Miniature Schnauzer is sitting in a white wicker chair on top of a green cushion wearing a red and white checkered bandana. Its head is tilted to the right.

Max the Mini Schnauzer up on the wicker chair

Close up view from the front - A grey with white Miniature Schnauzer is laying on a tan carpet looking forward.

This cute little thing is named Pepper.

Three Miniature Schnauzers are laying and sitting in a blue dog bed and they are all looking forward.

Photo courtesy of Wild wood Acres

Front view - A grey with white Miniature Schnauzer is sitting in grass and there is a bush behind it.

Max, a very friendly Miniature Schnauzer at 8 years old

Front view - A grey with white Miniature Schnauzer is sitting in front of a blue backdrop and looking to the left. Upper body shot - A grey with white Miniature Schnauzer is standing against a blue table and there is a blue backdrop behind it. Its eyes look slanty because of the black coloring around them.