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Peek-a-poo Pictures

Pekingese / Poodle Mixed Breed Dogs

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Front side view - A fluffy, but shaved, tan with white and black Peek-A-Poo dog is standing on a tan carpet looking up. The bottom row of its teeth are visible because of an underbite. Its coat is thick and soft looking.

Annie the Peekapoo at 11 years old—"Annie is our "ankle-biter". She has never bitten anyone, though, except me when I was trying to break up a scuffle between her and our elderly Miniature Dachshund, Marquis. Annie is very much my wife's dog, and she loves to snuggle and cuddle with my wife whenever she gets the chance. She is 3/4 Pekingese and 1/4 Poodle, which I've often said was "too much Poodle". She's incredibly smart... smarter than some humans I know."

Other Names
  • Pekepoo
  • Peke-A-Poo
  • Peke a Poo
  • PeekaPoo
  • Pekapoo
  • Peka-poo
  • Pekeapoo
View from above looking down at the dog - A tan with white and black Peek-A-Poo dog is sleeping belly-up on its back with its paws in the air in a dog bed next to a colorful brown, pink, blue, purple and green blanket.

Annie the Peekapoo at 11 years old napping

A tan with white and black Peek-A-Poo is sleeping on its right side. Its body is laying on a dog bed, but its head is on a carpet.

Annie the Peekapoo at 11 years old napping

A tan with white and black Peek-A-Poo is sitting on a carpet and it is licking its nose. It is wearing a blanket on its head. there is a child standing next to the dog and she is looking down laughing at the dog.

Annie the Peekapoo at 11 years old

A Pekepoo Story

Hi! My name is Kayla. I wanted to share my story with you since so little is known about this mixed breed. My family adopted our Pekepoo Buttons when I was 4 years old. She was not an attractive animal. She had a hernia, her teeth stuck out from her bottom jaw, her back legs were taller than her front legs which gave her the look of a race car, the hair on the front of her body was straight and it was curly on her back half. I thought she was BEAUTIFUL!

She was affectionate and extremely patient with my brother (7 years) and me. We dressed her up in doll clothes and jewelry. She enjoyed the attention and wagged her Pekingese tail at an amazing rate of speed. She liked rides on the bicycle and in the car. She was also partial to spaghetti, caramel, peanut butter and ice cream!

Buttons was a friendly little thing. She traveled up and down the west coast on family vacations. She got along well with other animals, cats included. We were in awe of her intelligence. We took to spelling words like B-A-T-H, C-A-R, I-C-E C-R-E-A-M.

The thing that sticks out the most in my mind is the night she saved my brother's life. My brother suffered from juvenile diabetes. My mother got up in the middle of the night each night to check on my brother and me. Buttons would make the rounds with her. One night, my mother was feeling especially tired and slept through the alarm. Buttons woke up and made the rounds without her. My mom was awakened by Buttons jumping up and down on the bed frantically. She was not allowed on the bed, so it was especially shocking to my mom. Buttons jumped down from the bed and ran to my brother's bedroom, barking and running back to my mom. My mother got up and ran to my brother. He lay prone in bed, sweaty, in shock. An ambulance was called. My mother administered a glucose shot and put sugar in his mouth to bring him back to life. He was rushed to the hospital just in the nick of time. Without Buttons’ devotion and quick action, my brother would likely have slipped into a coma and died that morning. Buttons saved his life.

Later in life, Buttons developed arthritis in her hips. It was a painful thing to watch, and after many years of joy and laughter, she died at 15. We will never forget her.

Close up - A long coated, black Peek-A-Poo dog is laying on a bed looking up and to the left.

Taniga CoCo the Peekapoo at 6 months old—"This is the sweetest puppy that I ever had, and she passed away from cysts in her kidneys at 6 months old. She was beautiful! She went everywhere with me! I am so glad I was able to give her love and affection! These dogs are very loving in return!"

Close up side view head shot - A longhaired black Peek-A-Poo is laying on a bed and it is looking to the right out of a sunny window.

Taniga CoCo the Peekapoo at 6 months old

A wavy-coated white Peek-A-Poo is wearing a red with green shirt. It is looking up and to the left. Its coat looks soft and its bottom teeth are showing.

"Tinkerbell the Peek-a-poo is the cutest, most lovable dog we have ever had. She is loving, playful and great with children. She has always been full of energy, but not too hyperactive. She is easily trained and loves to be rewarded with treats and praise. She loves attention and loves kisses. Tinkerbell is a miracle dog. When she was one year old, she fell from the stairwell while my sister was holding her and fell down 5 stairs. She broke the back of her skull and has a piece of her skull floating in her brain. She was in and out of the ER for about 3 weeks before we took her to a neurologist in Chicago, IL. It was there that they located the piece of skull in her brain. They were not sure what to do or how to remove the piece of skull since the bone was embedded in the part of her brain that controlled her movement, eating and swallowing. After deciding to keep her on pain medication and a neck brace she made a full and complete recovery. It has been 3 months since her accident and she is still the same dog that she once was. There were no effects from the accident and she has recovered like nothing had happened. The doctors didn't know what to expect for they had never seen a dog survive after being dropped on its head. It is truly a miracle that she has survived and is living a completely normal life. She is our little Miracle!!!"

Action shot - A white Peek-A-Poo is jumping off of a step. Its mouth is open and tongue is out and its hair, tail and ears are flying out to the sides.

Tinkerbell the Peek-a-poo jumping down the steps

A collage of photos that include a fluffy, black Peek-A-Poo puppy. There are pictures of a the puppy in a persons hand and on a radio flyer wagon.

Jezzie, a 2-month-old Pekapoo who has had quite a bit of fun in the mud this day.

A long haired, black and white Peek-A-Poo is sitting in grass and behind it is a line of bricks. It is looking forward.

Queen Isabella aka Bella, a 9-month-old Pekapoo

A soft looking, longcoated, tan with white and black Peek-A-Poo dog is laying on a bed looking to the left.

Koby the Peek-a-poo

Close up front view - A soft looking, longcoated, tan with white and black Peek-A-Poo is laying on a bed and it is looking forward. It has long drop furry ears and round black eyes.

Koby the Peek-a-poo

A soft looking, longcoated, tan with white and black Peek-A-Poo dog is standing on the back of a couch next to a red and black blanket looking to the left.

Koby the Peek-a-poo

Top picture side view of a wavy coated shaved white toy breed dog standing on a hardwood floor with its fluffy tail curled up over its back.

Suzie the Peek-a-poo

Close up head shot of a long, wavy coated white dog wearing a green bandanna with mud all over the front of its face.

Suzie the Peek-a-poo