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Rottweiler Pictures

(Rottie) (Rott) (Rottweil Metzgerhund - Butchers Dog)

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Two black and tan Rottweilers are sitting on a white tiled floor looking up and to the left. One dog is wearing a purple and red collar and the other is wearing a blue collar.

Sophie and Bruno the Rotties at 8 months old

Front side view - Two black and tan Rottweilers are laying across a white tiled floor in front of a wooden cabinet. One is looking forward and the other is looking to the left.

Sophie and Bruno the Rotties at 8 months old

Front view - A cute, thick, black and tan Rottweiler puppy is laying across patchy grass looking forward and its head is slightly tilted to the right.

"This is my little muscle man, Chaos. He is 3 months old and a well-balanced little dude. He loves to spend his time playing with my other dog and it sure tires him out. His cute little quirk is that he completely lies down to eat. Talk about saving energy :) He's a great addition to the family and I can't wait to show him the ropes so he can grow up to be a great breed advocate!"

The left side of a black with brown Rottweiler is standing across grass and it is looking forward. It has a basketball sized ball in its mouth. Its head looks small for its body.

"This is my Rottie Sasha Bear. She is 20 months old in this picture and weighs 115 lbs. She's the biggest mush you'd ever meet, but seems ferocious when a stranger comes to the door. She's a lot taller than most Rottweilers; she resembles a small horse. She loves to go hiking, play with her rubber toys, and follow the family cat around the house. She is VERY obedient and stays at my side on walks. She gets along very well with other dogs and she is calm and submissive around them. She is also very playful. Everyone told me I was crazy to get a Rottweiler, because of their bad reputation, but to me she's the best dog in the world! She's a gentle giant. It took a lot of hard work and patience to train her, but it makes all the difference in the long run."

A black with brown Rottweiler is laying across a hardwood floor and it is looking up. It has its front left paw on top of a fuzzy plush rabbit toy. The dog is wearing a choke chain collar.

Sasha Bear the Rottie as a young puppy

Front side view - A black with brown Rottweiler is laying in grass and it is looking forward. In front of it is a purple ball toy.

"This is my 22-month-old Rott Mya. She is the best dog ever. We watch the Dog Whisperer all the time and have learned how to handle Mya. She is very strong and used to pull us, but using some of Caesar's advice she now walks beside us or behind us. She knows who the alpha lead is and does so well being led."