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Socializing the Puppies

These pups are getting socialized with a Havanese puppy named Lucy

When you have a litter of puppies, it is very important to take the time to socialize them.

These pups are getting socialized with a four-month-old Havanese puppy named Lucy. Although Lucy is four months old and these Mastiff pups are five weeks old, the Mastiff pups are bigger than Lucy!

Four Puppies on a rug. Three on one side. One on the other
Puppies playing on a blanket
Mastiff pups playing with Havanese puppies

Mastiff pups with a couple of Havanese. Time to play!

Puppies walking around there Area and playing with a child
Puppy being picked up by a girl and looking at a cat.

Socializing the pups with cats…

Puppy in the lap of a person. With Two Girls and a Cat in the background

...and with people—adults and children

Puppies hanging around the ladies outside
Puppies playing with children
Puppies hanging around the edges of a house
Puppy in the lap of a girl licking her face
Puppy walking around the Yard. Two puppies hanging around a girl. And the other people are just sitting around the yard
Close Up - Puppy in the arms of a lady

Puppy Love :)

Courtesy of MistyTrails Havanese - Mid-Woof


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