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Spike the Bulldog  Spike the Bulldog  Spike the Bulldog

With dogs come stories. This section is for just that: stories. Mainly, stories from our dog Spike, an English Bulldog. Now some people think Bulldogs aren't all that smart. I tend to wonder sometimes but usually I think he is intelligent...and just a little bullheaded. Like most dog owners though, I might be a little partial. Anyway here are just a few of the countless stories that I've recounted, with more to come. Enjoy! If you love dogs don't forget to visit the Dog Breed Information Center.


Here Spike Bark 1

Here Spike Bark 2

   Someone's at the Door!!


In Loving Memory of Spike the Bulldog

Spike Home

The Slobber

The Stream

His Best Friend Puppy

The Cat Litter

The Kids

Pictures of Spike

Love that Face

Spike and the Cat

Something Cute

The Laser Pointer

All Dressed Up!!

Update 2000

 The Dog Beds

Spike's Obsessions

Spike's 8th Birthday!

Spike's Bath

  Why Spike?


More pictures of Spike



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