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Dog Breed Info Center® is your one-stop shop for dog information. It is entertaining and informative all at the same time. The number one cause of death in dogs today is euthanasia. A dog's temperament is a direct result of its owner’s ability to understand him and give him what he instinctually needs as a canine animal. There are no bad dogs...just uneducated owners. Don't let your dog down! Learn how natural dogmanship (the art of natural dog behavior) can help your dog be balanced and a true member of your family.

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A hyper dog is an under-exercised dog.

When a dog jumps on a human, it is not respecting the human. To a dog space is respect.


Do you have a dog you can no longer keep? Before taking it to the pound where it has a high chance of being killed, list your pet in our free rescue classifieds. We are constantly getting emails from folks asking where they can rescue a dog. The section is to help you connect and save a life. Rescue Dog Sign-up Page

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Learn what your dog is saying to you, and what it thinks you are saying back. Understanding dog behavior.

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Think you’re the only one with a dog that gets himself into trouble? Think again! Visit "Dogs Caught in the Act"— someone please take those dogs for a long pack walk!

Looking for that perfect pet, but not sure what type is right for you? Visit our comprehensive pet search, broken down into categories for easy navigation. Remember, sometimes that perfect pet is not always a dog. Types of Pets

NOTE: If you can no longer keep your pet please consider running a free ad listing to try and find your pet a new home before you opt to take it to a kill shelter, where it's fate is likely death. Rescue Info Center:

Free Rescue Listing - Sign-up - Together we can save lives!

Note: If you are looking to find your dog a new home because of behavior problems, do not give up on your pet just yet. Most behavior problems can be fixed, no matter how bad they are. Invest some time into studying natural dog behavior.

A lack of understanding of natural dog behavior is a huge part of the dog overpopulation problem. If people had stable dogs in their homes it would be rare they would ever give them up, and when they did have to it would be much easier to find a home for a behaved dog. It is the dogs with "issues" that our pounds and shelters are full of. Most homeless dogs are not the stable dogs that have had their instincts met. The good part is it is never too late for a dog; they can change if the humans around them change. It is the humans that need the training.