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Whelping and Raising Puppies

Pictures and Stories Page 2

Annie the Golden Retriever Having Puppies

"My Golden Retriever Annie had puppies when she was three years old. She is named after Little Ann in "Where the Red Fern Grows." She had ten males and one female. The female was stillborn."

This is Annie whelping her Golden Retriever puppies.

Annie cleaning her newborn pup

Annie takes to her puppies right away with a good motherly instinct.

"Annie took care of the puppies so well I didn't really have to do much until they got a little older. Annie only had one litter and then we spayed her. We figured one was enough for her."

Annie with her newborn Golden Retriever puppies.

One-day-old Golden Retriever puppies

One-day-old Golden Retriever puppies

Annie with her eight-week-old Golden Retriever puppies

Annie's Golden Retriever puppies at eight weeks old

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