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Grooming Do's and Don'ts

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Brushing and Combing your Dog -- Do:

  • Brush and comb your dog regularly.
  • Book grooming appointments well in advance.
  • Begin grooming puppies at eight weeks old.
  • Brush and comb your dog COMPLETELY before bathing him.
  • Walk your dog before your appointment.
  • Respect your groomer’s opinion; they are trained professionals, after all.
  • Always have your pet on a leash and under control.
  • Train your dog to accept grooming, just like you train him to sit and stay.

Please do not:

  • Try to convince a groomer to dematt your dog if he/she is severely matted. Complete dematting is inhumane and cruel. Aesthetic reasons are not enough.
  • Get your dog shaved naked just once a year and complain about the fee.
  • Teach your puppy that it is fun to bite the brush.
  • Pressure your groomer to have your dog groomed in too short of a time period.
  • Allow your pet to defecate in or around the salon and not clean it up.
  • Neglect to tell your groomer if your pet has been ill.
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