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Boxer / American Bulldog Hybrid Dog

Information and Pictures

Tyson the Bulloxer standing in grass looking at the camera holder with its mouth open

Tyson the Bulloxer full grown—American Bulldog (father, white) and Boxer (mother, fawn and white)

Other Names

American Boxerbull

American Bulloxer

American Bull Boxer

American Bullboxer


The Bulloxer is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Boxer and the American Bulldog. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in any of the breeds in the hybrid. Not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses.


ACHC = American Canine Hybrid Club

DBR = Designer Breed Registry

DDKC = Designer Dogs Kennel Club

DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.

IDCR = International Designer Canine Registry®

Recognized Names:

American Canine Hybrid Club = Bulloxer

Designer Breed Registry = Bull Boxer

Designer Dogs Kennel Club = Bull Boxer

A Bulloxer puppy wearing a red collar sitting on the drivers seat of a car looking over at the camera

Honey the Bulloxer puppy at 3 months old—"Honey came from a full blood American Bulldog and a full blood dark brindle Boxer. She loves to camp, hike, swim and sleep!"

Close up front view head and shoulder shot of a white dog that has a brown and black patch over its eye shaped in a circle. The dog has ears that fold over to the sides. Its nose is black and eyes are droopy and dark. Its laying on a leather couch on top of a white blanket.

Mia the Bulloxer as a 6 month old puppy—"We brought Mia home at 9 weeks. Never had this mix breed before. We've had two Keeshonds in the past 24 years. Mia is absolutely adorable! She loves everyone, loves sticks, rocks, old lemons from our tree (she barks at those). She loves walking, playing with other dogs and traveling. She is spoiled and knows how to manipulate us already. She is like our first grandchild. Easy to train both tricks and potty. We just love her."

Tyson the Bulloxer standing on grass looking up into the camera

Tyson is a Bulloxer, which is a mix of an American Bulldog (father, white) and Boxer (mother, fawn and white). He was 9 months in this photo.

Tyson the Bulloxer standing next to a tree

Tyson the Bulloxer full grown—American Bulldog (father, white) and Boxer (mother, fawn and white)

Max the American Bulldog sitting against a chainlink fence

Max's father was a rather large American Bulldog (120 lbs.) and his mother was a small brindle Boxer (35 lbs.).

A Bulloxer puppy sitting in a yard with its mouth open and tongue out

"This is a picture of our Bulloxer puppy Kap’n Khaos when he was about three months old. At 6 months old he was about 65 lbs. and still growing. Great personality and very smart. Too smart if you ask me. His father is a registered American Bulldog who weighs about 110 lbs. and his mother is a beautiful registered brindle Boxer, a little on the small side at about 45 lbs. He’s being trained as a therapy dog to go into hospices to visit people who need a little smile. I think he can do it! I know he makes me laugh."

Khaos the Bulloxer standing in grass

Khaos the Bulloxer at 7 months old—"I don’t think he’s going to be a small dog like the lady we got him from said he would be. He’s already up to 72 lbs. and he’s still a growing boy. He’s completed one of his certifications for obedience and has two more to go before he can be certified as a therapy dog. He’s a great dog and is very smart and very gentle. Sometimes he’s a bull in a china shop when he gets to playing in the house but he calms down when he’s called on. He thinks he’s a lap dog like our little Jack Russell mix."

Khaos the Bulloxer playing with a frisbee

Khaos the Bulloxer at 7 months old playing with his frisbee

Bear the Bulloxer sitting on a blanket in front of a backdrop

Bear the male Bulloxer at 8 months old, weighing 88 pounds—"His mom is an American Bulldog and his dad a Boxer."

Koko the Bulloxer puppy laying on a couch with a dog toy and a plush football

Koko the Bulloxer puppy at 10 weeks old sleeping with his bone and toys.

Koko the Bullboxer puppy sitting on a couch

Koko the Bulloxer puppy at 6 months old—"She is a wonderful addition to our family. Her mother was an American Bulldog and her father was a fawn Boxer. At 6 ½ months old she weighed approx. 55 lbs. We couldn’t ask for a better family member!"

Close Up - Brice the Bulloxer

Brice the Bulloxer at 8 months old

Sam the Bulloxer Puppy sitting on a rug with a pillow behind it

This is Sam. He is an American Bulldog / Boxer mix. His dad is a 140-lb. American Bulldog and his mom is a 90-lb. Boxer. He is 4 ½ months old and a wonderful puppy with a lot of personality. He loves to play catch and he runs faster than any other dog at the dog park. He is very loving and has a sweet demeanor but definitely has a lot of energy and is a bit hard-headed. He is a wonderful addition to our family."

Sam the Bulloxer standing on grass with a stick in its mouth

Sam the Bulloxer at 3 1/2 years old—"He's every bit of 110 lbs. He's still the fastest dog I've ever seen, and has grown to have the best personality. He watches television with us and plays with everyone (friendly to him) any chance he can get. All he wants out of life is the thrill of playing in the shallow waters and cuddles."

Sam the Bulloxer sitting on a hardwood floor in front of a couch

Sam the Bulloxer at 3 1/2 years old sitting in the living room.

Rocky the Bulloxer laying in grass with its mouth open and its tongue out

Rocky the Bulloxer (American Bulldog crossed with an English Boxer)

Close Up - Bubba the Bulloxer sitting on a carpet with its mouth open as if to smile

Bubba the Bulloxer at 2 years old (American Bulldog / Boxer hybrid)

Close Up - Tahoe the Bullboxer sitting in sand next to a car with its mouth open

"Tahoe, my Bulloxer is 2 years old in this picture and he is at his favorite place, the beach. I’ve had about 5 dogs now and he is by far the best dog yet. You can just look at him and laugh…he’s loving, dorky, smart, protective, and a friend to everyone and everything…including cats! Some of Tahoe’s hobbies include getting buried in the sand, chasing flies, hanging out with everyone and barking at objects he views for the first time…fake plants, fire hydrants, and parked motorcycles!"

Close Up - Casey Jane the Bulloxer sitting in front of a cabinet

Casey Jane the Bulloxer at 6 months old weighing 60 lbs.

Roxy the white Bulloxer sitting on a porch with a pair of slippers next to it. Another dog is under the wicker chair

"Roxy the Bulloxer at 8 months old is such a loving dog and protective of us all, including my kids and my three other dogs. All small breeds... Japanese Chin, Cockapoo and a teacup Shih Tzu. And I have 2 small kids. She is around 55 pounds or more in this picture. We just love Roxy. She is a sweetheart."

Close Up - Roxy the white Bulloxer with its mouth open

"Roxy the Bulloxer at 4 years of age—We are so happy to have her and she is happy to have us. She currently weighs 65 pounds. If all Bulloxers are like Roxy I don't think I would get any other type of dog again. She is so loving and kind to all of us."

Roxy the Bulloxer standing on hind legs looking at a tiki lamp

"Her favorite pastime is chasing lizards around the yard. I think the lizards enjoy the game as well. I have yet to see Roxy actually hurt one once she catches it under her nose. Most of the time the lizards get away at the last second before capture."

Roxy the Bulloxer having its face rubbed by a person

Roxy the Bulloxer at 4 years old

Sam the Bulloxer wearing a jacket sitting on a carpet

This is a four-year-old Bulloxer named Sam. Sam lives in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is getting ready for hunting season!!

Max the Bulloxer standing near the fence line looking back into the distance

Max the Bulloxer (Boxer / American Bulldog mix breed dog) out in the yard

Close Up - Max the Bulloxer laying in sand with sand on his lips

Max the Bulloxer (Boxer / American Bulldog mix breed dog) laying down in the sand.

Shooter the Bulloxer puppy sleeping with a young child

Shooter the Bulloxer puppy at 6 weeks old sleeping with his big sis Makya