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Boxer Pictures

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Amie playing with Allie the Boxer Puppy behind a couch

Boxer puppies...they'll take all the love and attention they can get!

Amie sitting on the floor in a doorway with Allie the Boxer laying on her lap

Amie with Allie the Boxer as a puppy

Allie the Boxer puppy in the arms of Amie

Amie holding Allie the Boxer puppy

Brittany holding Allie the Boxer Puppy in her arms

Brittany holding Allie the Boxer puppy

Brittany looking into the eyes of Allie the Boxer Puppy

Brittany holding Allie the Boxer puppy

Amie, Brittany and Allie laying in a doorway together

Sure...this boxer pup may look calm, but take a look at the next photo.

Close Up - Allie the Boxer, Amie and Brittany laying on the floor with their heads all in a pile, Allie is on top

Notice the Bulldog playing with the child? But what's that in the background?

Amie playing tug-of-war with Spike the Bulldog and Allie the Boxer puppy is running in the background

It's that Boxer pup! The secret's out! She's a WILD ONE!