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Chiweenie Pictures

Chihuahua / Dachshund Mixed Breed Dogs

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Sassy the white with tan Chiweenie is standing on a sidewalk and looking up at the camera holder

Sassy the Chiweenie at 6 months old—"Sassy is a very active puppy, who came to live with us at 7 weeks old. We have two 6-year-old Bichon mix dogs that just tolerate her. She likes to pick on our female. She is very head-strong but very smart. She does chew on everything. We have made sure she has a lot of chew toys. She is pretty skiddish to meet anyone, and barks at strangers. She does well on puppy pads -although she poops where ever she wants. (mainly on the carpet.) She is showing improvement on that as she gets older. Her favorite place to be is on my shoulders... (she thinks she's a cat.)"

Other Names
  • Chih-weenie
  • Chiwee
  • Chiweeni
  • Doxihuahua
  • Nickname: Mexican Hotdog
Spots the Chiweenie is sitting in front of a cabinent and looking toward the camera holder. His ears are very large and sticking straight out to the sides like wings

"Spots is a dappled brown/light brown Chiweenie. My 3½-–year-old daughter named him and when she said Spots, I said "You mean Spot." She said, "No mommy...he has more than one Spot!" She said it as if I was crazy. Spots is about 5 months old in this picture and very mischievous. He has energy about 22 hours a day. He chews up everything and especially enjoys pooping and peeing on my carpet!! He also enjoys playing hide-and-seek when it is time for me to go to work. His ears used to hang down but they are up all the time now like a Chihuahua's. His body is more like a Dachshund's."

Nestle the Chiweenie is standing on a pillowed bench and looking out of a window in a sun room. His coat is black with tan ears and legs, with fringe on the ears and tail.

Nestle, a Chiweenie at 11 months old—"Nestle (longhaired Chiweenie) loves to stand guard in the window. She loves to smell the air when the window is open and will "point" when people walk by. You can really see in this picture how tall she is for a Chiweenie!"

Nestle the black with tan Chiweenie is sitting on a black bed and there is a blanket behind her. Her coat is medium length with longer hair on her ears.

Nestle the longhaired Chiweenie (longhaired Dachshund / Chihuahua hybrid) at 11 months old—"She is really unique! Moments before this picture, she used the couch as a napkin, like most dogs do! Her ears tend to get a lot of static, as you can see in this picture!"

Close Up - Frankie the large-eared, black brindle Chiweenie is walking across a tiled floor. There is a wooden cabinent behind it

Frankie the Chiweenie at 4 years old—"My big eared baby!"

Taffy the tan and white Chiweenie is sitting on a rug and looking up in the air. She has perk ears.

"This is our Chiweenie Taffy. She is half longhaired Dachshund and half Chihuahua. She is 1 year old, and is an animal shelter rescue. Taffy is calm, submissive, warm and loving. She is shy around new people, but rarely barks! She loves to sunbathe on our front porch, and sleeps right next to us as close as she can. She is relaxed but attentive. Really enjoys her daily walks with us. We have successfully used some of The Dog Whisperer's techniques to train her. She learns quickly. Gets along well with our 2 cats (who are bigger than her!). No maintenance is needed except an occasional washing. This dog is great!"

Taffy the Chiweenie is eating dog food out of a bowl. He is standing in between two cats who are also eating food from bowls

Taffy the Chiweenie, half longhaired Dachshund and half Chihuahua, in the middle eating with two of his cat friends

Taffy the Chiweenie is laying on a pillow that is on a couch with a dining room set behind him

Taffy the Chiweenie, half longhaired Dachshund and half Chihuahua, on the couch

A little tan dog with large stand out ears, brown eyes, a black nose and a snout that tapers to a point laying down

Taffy the Chiweenie, half longhaired Dachshund and half Chihuahua at 1 year old on the couch

A little reddish-tan dog with large pointy ears, round brown eyes and a black nose sitting down

Taffy the Chiweenie, half longhaired Dachshund and half Chihuahua at 1 year old

Sham Wow the black and tan Chiweenie is wearing a red collar laying in a field of grass

"This is our Chiweenie Sham Wow! (We just call him Sham.) We adopted him from a local animal shelter when he was about 10 weeks old. He had been taken from his original owner because that person had more animals than allowed by city ordinance. We realized that the shelter had rescued dozens of other small purebred dogs and puppies from that person’s house. Many of them were in very bad condition —covered in fleas, dirty and un-groomed, but in spite of the bad environment they had been living in, they were still friendly and social.

About a week after we brought Sham home he became very sick, and we almost lost him. The shelter had given him a vaccination, but it was too late to prevent him from contracting distemper. The vet worked very hard to save him and help him get better, but for a few weeks we did not think he would make it. Sham is certainly a fighter—he recovered from the disease, but sadly, some of his littermates were not so lucky. The distemper also caused a permanent twitch in his left leg, so that he is constantly “bobbing” up and down when he stands.

"He is now 10 months old, and he’s a rowdy, enthusiastic, and feisty little "teenage" dog! Other than the twitch in his leg, you would never know that he had been so terribly sick.

"Now that he is a healthy teenage Dachshund / Chihuahua mix, we are working diligently to make sure that he does not become the king of the house. We watch The Dog Whisperer all the time—Cesar's advice has worked wonders with our Beagle (and we all know how those Beagles can be!), so now we're making sure that Sham grows up to be a "balanced dog" too.

"I try to share Sham’s story as often as possible for two reasons. First, to help discourage people from buying from puppy mills or other disreputable breeders. I believe that his original owner may have been using all those small dogs for breeding and selling puppies. Obviously the owner could not properly care for all of them, and sadly, several of them died as a result of the disease and parasite infested environment. Secondly, to encourage people to get their dogs vaccinated—and to keep their vaccinations up-to-date! Canine Distemper is a horrific disease—dogs don’t usually survive, and they suffer unimaginable physical deterioration as the disease progresses. Please don’t risk losing your family’s loving companion—be sure to get them vaccinated!!"

Two little dogs, a tan and black with prick ears and a fawn with ears that fold over to the front laying down on a brown couch side by side

"The little red guy (right) is our rescued Chiweenie, Bentley. He is 6 years old and the best dog I've ever had! The little fawn girl (left) is his sister, Sookie and she is a pure Chi. We got her when Bentley was 3 and they are totally inseperable! They are quite the funny couple and have helped each other with little quirks they each have. I've had Doxies my entire life and discovering a Chiweenie is even better than all my lovable Doxies! For smaller dogs, they are fun, snuggley, and they have pretty good endurance for outdoor activities. I had no trouble potty training him and thanks to his sister, he now loves the car! He used to get carsick until we got her and she showed him car rides were fun! His only quirk is he is petrified of fireworks but so is his sister! I LOVE my little buddies and would recommend a Chiweenie to anyone!"