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Drool Offenders

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Pete the black French Bulldog is sitting next to a bed wearing a pair of rabbit ears and there is a foot long string of drool hanging from the side of his mouth.

Pete the French Bulldog—notice the string of drool hanging from his mouth!

Close Up - Lendi the black French Bulldog is sitting on a bed and there is a pillow behind it. He has bubbles of slobber on each side of his mouth.

Lendi the French Bulldog—see the slobber bubbles!

Close Up Left profile - Podero the Spanish Mastiff is sitting in front of a couch. There is an inch of drool down the side of its face

Podero the Spanish Mastiff

Jewel the English Mastiff is laying on a bed with about a foot of drool down the left side of its face

"This is "Jewel the Drool" a English Mastiff which has drool, drool and more drool. It even sticks to walls which is great wallpaper glue! We at Hawthorne Mastiffs have plenty of Droolers running around. Slippery when wet!"