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Miniature Poodle Pictures

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A white Miniature Poodle is standing on a sidewalk inside the shadow of the thing in front of it and looking up.

"Sammie is a rescue dog. I found him on the Internet—no picture. All it said was, "Please Adopt Free Poodle". I emailed the lady and found out he was a 9-lb, year-old (my vet said more like three years old) boy. I fell in love when they texted me a picture of him. I met them and saw that he had 2 bald spots and was eaten up by fleas. My best friend told me his fur looked funny. I guess I was blinded by love because I thought he was beautiful. Now I look back at pictures and ask my mom, "Was I crazy?! He could've had a disease!" Ha ha. The lady I got him from said she rescued him from an abusive home but having 5 dogs couldn't take care of him. I took him in and love him!! He now has all his hair and looks beautiful and is very attached to me. We do everything together. I'm so happy I gave him a second chance at life. Who says that an old dog can’t be taught new tricks? Sammie knows so much now. He wouldn't even walk on a leash when I first got him and now he loves to walk! He was only half housetrained; now he is completely housetrained! His favorite game is to steal my socks. =) Although old things from the past still scare him (trash bags and horns) I know he feels safe with my family. Sammie has a forever home with me. Thanks so much for your site. I studied the Poodle profile before getting him and constantly refer to your site when I have a question. You guys are awesome. Without you I probably would've gotten a pup from a breeder, which isn't a bad thing but Sammie is better than a pup!! Thanks for all your information! Cesar Millan's work has also helped a great deal!! I read his first book and own his second one; need to read it! I love his show."

Other Names
  • Caniche
  • Barbone
  • Chien Canne
  • Carniche Moyen
  • Barboncino Miniatura
  • French Poodle
  • Pudle
  • Zwergpudel
Close up view from the top looking down - A white Miniature Poodle dog is sitting on a dog bed wearing a black t-shirt.

Sammie the white Miniature Poodle wearing a shirt

The back of a Miniature Poodle dog who is sitting on a tan tiled floor and wearing a black T-shirt that has the words on the back that read - Mommy's My Valentine

Sammie the white Miniature Poodle wearing a shirt

A tan Miniature Poodle dog is sitting outside on a sidewalk next to a boy that is kneeling down.

"This is my Poodle Pablo sitting down after playing with other dogs in Central Park in NYC. He is 1 year old and has a very good temperament. He loves to play with balls. He loves to run and gets a lot of exercise. He is a smart, well-balanced dog. I watch the Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. I have the whole 1st season on DVD and I use some of his tips, and they really work."

A white Miniature Poodle is sitting on a hardwood floor in front of a sitting person with a wooden book shelf behind it and looking up.

Frankie was rescued by his new mommy Anne. He is doing remarkably well!

Side view - A white Miniature Poodle is sitting on a throw rug in front of a door. There is a wooden corner cabinet with a tin that has yellow and black flowers inside of it next to the dog.

Frankie white the Mini Poodle

A black Miniature Poodle is wearing a red and white shirt while sitting in a tan dog bed inside of a house. There is a large red plastic fire hydrant behind the dog.

Pepsee the black Mini Poodle sitting in his dog bed

Close Up head shot - A black Miniature Poodle is sitting in a room in front of a rocking chair. Around the Dog image is a frame that is brown and has paw prints around it.

Daisy aka Daisy-Do-Right is one loved dog! Here is what her owner had to say about her...—"She is the sweetest thing this side of heaven. Never gets into trouble and is the most spoiled thing in the world. She is 7 in this picture. She is the greatest dog I have ever met by far! She never does anything wrong! She is always happy—even the next-door neighbor (George from Greece) says that she is the happiest dog he has ever seen. She will go sit by the fence (chain link) and wait for George (retired) to come out into the backyard to tend to his garden and she talks to him and tells him everything she knows. It is so cute to hear her. She has George wrapped around her little pooh paw just like the rest of us. There are no strangers to Daisy—just friends she hasn't met yet."

Head shot - A black and white photo of a panting Miniature Poodle that is standing in tall grass.

This is 5-year-old Danny the Mini Poodle.

A black and white photo of a Miniature Poodle laying in the doorway of a kitchen.

This is Sam the Mini Poodle at 4 years old.

View from the top looking down - A white with tan Miniature Poodle is standing outside on a gravelly surface.

This is 7-month-old Sandy the Miniature Poodle.

A white with tan Miniature Poodle is standing on its hind legs on a wooden picnic table in a park. Next to it is a really large drink cup and also a six pack of Mikes Hard Lemonade. There is a tan truck parked behind the dog.

Sandy all grown up standing on her hind legs on a picnic table

View from the top looking down - A white Miniature Poodle is jumped up against the back of a wooden chair looking up.

Pick me up, please!

A black Miniature Poodle is sitting on a carpet inside of a house next to a tombstone which is sitting against the wall.

Sasha the black Mini Poodle

View from the front - A white Miniature Poodle is laying on a brown couch with a pillow with a tiger on it behind it

This beautiful girl is named Angel. While Angel is now at the Bridge, she is thought about every day here on earth by her owner Anne, who still loves her very much.

Two black Miniature Poodle dogs are sitting outside in front of a colorful tree with a baby in-between them. The dogs mouths are open and tongues are out. It looks like they are smiling.

Can. Ch. Rosebell's Lump of Coal (call name: Freddy), Can. Ch. Rosebell's Optimystique (call name: Maya) and baby Kenneth, photo courtesy of Rosebell Kennels

A white Miniature Poodle dog is turning around on a concrete surface. There is a person behind it.

Murphy the Miniature Poodle at 1 year old

Action shot - A white with tan Miniature Poodle is jumping across a concrete surface with all four paws off the ground. There is a Shepherd dog behind it and in front of it is a person who is holding a green tennis ball behind their back.

Murphy the Miniature Poodle at 1 year old and on the run

View from the top looking down - A white with tan Miniature Poodle is standing on a concrete surface. Behind it is a bigger dog.

Murphy the Miniature Poodle at 1 year old