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Schnoodle Pictures

Schnauzer / Poodle Mixed Breed Dogs

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Front side view - A grey with white Schnoodle dog is standing on a tan carpet looking forward. There is a blue towel on the floor in front of it.

Reagan the Schnoodle definitely looks more like a Schnauzer than a Poodle, but has characteristics of both on the inside. She is a sweetheart and loves to curl up in your lap and give kisses. She's also a big fan of playing in the bathtub.

Other Names
  • Mini Schnoodle
  • Miniature Schnoodle
  • Schnauzerdoodle
  • Schnauzerpoo
Close up front side view - A longhaired black Schnoodle dog is laying across a carpet ooking forward.

Cosby the Schnoodle before his haircut

Close up front side view - A shaved black Schnoodle dog is sitting on a bed and it is looking up and to the right. It has loner hair on its head and shorter hair on its coat.

Cosby the Schnoodle after his haircut

Two pictures side by side of a black, wavy coated dog laying down on tan carpet wearing a party hat and sitting on a lady's lap wearing a party hat

"These last two pictures were taken at Cosby's 14th (left) and 15th birthdays. We got into the habit of celebrating his birthday every year, and I don't think he minded the extra attention. Cosby passed away a few months after we took the picture on the right."

"After the death of our Golden Retriever in 2002, we weren't sure whether we wanted to adopt another dog. It took some time, but once we were ready to consider it, we consulted Dog Breed Info for information on smaller dog breeds. I believe this is where we discovered the Schnoodle. We adopted Cosby in October 2003 and sent pictures to Dog Breed Info so other potential owners could know what they might expect from the breed. After 15 years, here's the final verdict: they're inquisitive, silly, and sometimes too smart for their own good, but tremendously loyal and loving. Life with Cosby was an incredible joy; many people describe their pets as being family members, and this is undeniably true in his case. Cosby suspected he was no different from the rest of us, that he was entitled to all the same privileges, and he was vocal and assertive in telling us exactly what he wanted, whether it be playtime, a piece of string cheese, or a simple reminder that it was time for him to give us a "bath." (He would whine quietly until we acquiesced.) He formed a strong bond with my Grandmother, who fed him treats and doted on him like he was her own grandson, and the two were inseparable. We love and miss him, but we feel lucky to have had him for 15 good years"

A thick coated, black Schnoodle is laying across a yard and it is looking forward. There is a wooden fence behind it. The dog has round black eyes.

"Ernie is a 4½-month-old female Schnauzer / Poodle mix. She is very playful and is quite popular in her neighborhood. She has not been clipped, although this picture was taken right after she had a bath. She likes to bask in a sunny spot or sleep on your lap. She LOVES yarn and can play with a ball of yarn for hours, dragging it around the house and chewing on it."

Close up front view head and upper body shot - A black Schnoodle is sitting on a hardwood porch and its head is tilted to the right.

Ernie the Miniature Schnauzer / Miniature Poodle mix (Schnoodle) all grown up at 14 ½ months old—"Ernie is still very popular in our neighborhood and among our family members and friends. Her favorite things include yarn, peanut butter, sunbathing, long walks and belly rubs."

Close up - A long coated small tan Schnoodle is sitting on a carpet and it is looking up. Its ears fold over in a v-shape on the top of its head.

Peanut at 18 months

A black with tan Schnoodle puppy is laying across a carpet, its head is slightly tilted to the right and it is looking forward. It has a wavy coat.

Scout the Schnoodle puppy at 3 months old

A litter of Schnoodle Puppies are sitting on a cloud blanket and they are looking forward.

Schnoodle puppies, photo courtesy of Wild wood Acres

Close up - A black with tan Schnoodle puppy is sitting on a couch and it is looking forward. The words - Missy 9 wks - are overlayed to the right of the puppy.

Missy the parti Schnoodle as a puppy at 9 weeks old, photo courtesy of Wild wood Acres

A black and tan Schnoodle is being held under the arm of a person that is wearing a Pokemon shirt. The dog has large ears that hang down to the sides.

Sassy, photo courtesy of Wild wood Acres

The left side of a tan, black, white and grey Schnoodle that is laying across a brown floral print couch and it is looking to the right. The dog has long drop ears with short hair on them.

Sassy the Schnoodle as a puppy, photo courtesy of Wild wood Acres

A black with white Schnoodle dog with large perk ears is laying across a couch and there are two puppies crawling on its back.

Lexy the Miniature Schnauzer with two Schnoodle puppies, photo courtesy of Wild wood Acres

Front view - A white with tan Schnoodle puppy is sitting on a concrete tiled porch looking forward and it looks like it is smiling. It has longer straggly hair on its head and fuzzy hair on its body.

Charlie at 8 weeks