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Spike's Bath

Top down view of Spike the Bulldogs back as he gets a bath in a white bathtub by a person in a blue shirt.

Spike enjoys rolling around in the dirt. Needless to say, Spike’s nice white coat starts looking somewhat brown at times. The night before Spike's 8th birthday Amie and I decided Spike was looking pretty brown for a white dog! Knowing how much he hates baths we decided it would be mean to give him a bath on his birthday, so we did it the night before. ;-)

Top down view of a lady leading Spike the Bulldog up a staircase.

It was not easy getting this 83-pound Bulldog up the steps to the tub. We had to leash him, because he flatly refused to go up the steps without one. He knew a bath was coming.

The left side of Spike the Bulldog. He is standing in a white bath tub and he is looking forward. In front of him is a lot of shampoos and soaps.

Spike was not a happy boy.

Spike the Bulldog is standing in a tub and he is covered in soap. A person is cleaning Spike and there is a lot of dirt on the bottom of the white bathtub. Spike the Bulldog is standing in a tub of dirty water and a person is pouring water onto him.

He sure was dirty!

Close up - Spike the Bulldog is getting his face cleaned by a person as he stands in a white bathtub full of dirty water.

Smile, Spike, it's not that bad!