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Australian Cattle Dog Pictures

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Shadow the Australian Cattle Dog with its mouth open and tongue out sitting in a field

"My dog Shadow is a blue-speckled Australian Cattle Dog. I'm an American living in the Asian part of Russia (actually 26 miles over the European/Asian border). I wanted an ACD after meeting my son's rescued, mixed ACD while on a visit to the U.S. So after returning to Russia, I located a breeder in Germany (who brought Shadow’s grandmother directly from Australia) and flew to pick up Shadow when he was 12 weeks old. He will be 4 years old this October. This picture, taken by a friend and sent at his urging, is of Shadow in a field where we play, near my apartment in Russia. He creates quite a stir here because to his breeders, Shadow may be the only “Russian” Australian Cattle Dog. Everyone wants to know what breed he is and where I got him. He is very true to his breed and to his name—he is definitely my “second” shadow, following me everywhere, whether inside or out. His favorite things are his chew bone and his Kong bouncer and, like all dogs, having his belly scratched. I have all Cesar Millan's books, DVDs, and I subscribe to his newsletter. Unfortunately, living in Russia precludes my watching his TV show. Having had some previous obedience training experience, I did okay with Shadow but Cesar has definitely improved my handling of Shadow."

Other Names

Australian Heeler

Hall's Heeler

Queensland Heeler

Blue Heeler

Red Heeler

Australian Cattledog

Australischer Treibhund


Ziggy Simone the Australian Cattle Dog laying in a dog bed

Ziggy Simone aka, ZiggyDog, Red Spot, Jupiter the red Queensland Heeler as a puppy at 13 weeks old—"Whip smart and on call to please, a kissing, model, tug-o-war champion, that enjoys turning the garden into her very own obstacle course. The one, the only the Ziggy Simone."

Storm the Australian Cattle puppy walking on a rug with a stool behind it

This is Storm, a 6-week-old Australian Cattle Dog puppy. Here he is trying to "herd" his owner (the person taking the picture).

Storm the Australian Cattle Dog is laying down on a bright red carpet

Here's Storm...all grown up!

Buddy the Australian Cattle Dog laying on a carpet with the words 'Heres a Blue Heeler - Buddy' overlayed and also a badge overlayed

Buddy the Blue Heeler

Bailey the Australian Cattle Dog wearing sunglasses with his tongue out laying on a lawn with a wooden fence in the background

Two-year-old Bailey

Bosky the Australian Cattle puppy sitting on a carpet

Bosky Blue the Heeler as a puppy

Bosky the Australian Cattle Puppy laying on a rug wearing a blue collar

Bosky Blue the Heeler as a puppy

Bosky the Australian Cattle puppy being held by a man who is taking a shower

Jimmy and the unimpressed Bosky Blue puppy in the shower :)

Bosky the Australian Cattle Dog sitting on a rug

Bosky Blue grows up!

Bosky the Australian Cattle Dog cuddling with a lady on a couch

Bosky Blue resting with her owner

Becka the Australian Cattle Dog puppy sitting on the ground with a blue leash on

This is DownUnder WeeGirl Becka aka "Becka" at 3 months old. Becka is a half-sister to Bosky Blue; they have the same dad.

Becka the Australian Cattle Dog puppy laying on a backdrop

Becka as a 6-month-old-puppy

Becka the Australian Cattle Dog playing around in the snow with her owner

Becka at 4 years old playing with her owner; she loves to play in the snow!