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Birds in the Wild

Seagulls are scavengers. They will eat almost anything. These birds have learned life is easier if they hang out around humans. Seagulls can be quite a nuisance, however we have to give these birds some credit: they are smart enough to know where food is plentiful. Humans feed them and they stick around for the grub. If you've ever been to any shore point on the East Coast you know exactly what I am talking about. For example, in Wildwood, NJ, they will swoop down and steal a French fry right out of your cup. Yes, that is while you are holding the container of fries. People who visit this shore points quickly learn to protect their food. It is currently against regulations in a lot of East Coast shore points to feed these birds for this reason. The more we feed them, the more they will stick around.

Feeding seagulls can be a lot of fun. It is really cool to see them swoop down and grab the grub in mid-air, however, be advised they have poor toilet habits and will do their business whenever they feel the urge. Yes, it’s very common for them to drop their waste on you at any given moment. Tourists love to feed—it’s fun and fascinating; locals on the other hand have to deal with these birds daily and pretty much consider them a messy nuisance.

Seagulls—some people really admire them and some people call them "Rats with Wings!"


Birds in the Wild