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Bruno the Boxer

A day in the life with Bruno the Boxer. 1 year, 1 month—85 pounds, 24 1/2 inches from the ground to the highest point of the shoulders (the withers).

1 year, 1 month old (13 months).


Bruno Meets Kung Foo Kitty

We take in a 4-week-old kitten and name him Kung Foo Kitty. Bruno is very curious and a tad excited when he sees the kitten. To ensure the kitten does not get hurt intentionally or unintentionally by Bruno, Bruno has to see the kitten as his pack leader. Bruno is told to lie down and we let the kitten crawl on him. The kitten hisses and spits at him a few times when he gets into the kitten’s face. Bruno quickly learns not to mess with this kitten.

It worked; Bruno respects the kitten’s space. He no longer tries to play. The kitten is above him in the order and Bruno knows you do not antagonize pack leaders.

Bruno will not look Kung Foo Kitty in the eyes. He turns his head if the kitten turns to look at him. Yet, Bruno tries to get close enough to smell him. Yep, the kitten is surely the boss! Size means nothing, nothing at all.

Bruno, the Glider and the Bell

Bruno would always jump up on the glider and peer into the window when he wanted inside the house. Seemed like a great plan—no barking, and when he appeared at the window he wanted in. As he grew, there was less room on the bench for him. One morning Bruno jumped up on the bench wanting to come inside the house. As he turned to jump back down his back leg got caught down into the arm rest. As Bruno pulled he tweaked something in his back left leg....

Bruno was not walking on his leg. We took him to the emergency vet, wondering if his leg was broken. We were told Bruno had a possible ACL tear in his left knee. The next day Bruno started walking on his leg a little more and the following morning, the day of Bruno's exam at our vet’s office, he appeared to be much better. At the vet he was given a sedative so they could properly test his knee. Good news, the knee was stable. Either the ACL had a very small tear, or he pulled a muscle or tendon. No surgery was needed at this time, as there was no extra play in his knee. Since walks were out, we gave him Benadryl to keep him calm while he healed.

Now for the bench...I had tried moving the bench out from under the window, however he just jumped up at the window sill when he wanted in, and he still jumped up on the glider to lie down. It's going to take a while to break him of that since he only jumps up there when we are not outside. I put some boxes on the glider to keep him from jumping up there while his knee healed. We'll work on training him to stay off of it after he completely heals up.

We decided to teach Bruno to ring a cowbell when he wanted inside. We put peanut butter on the bell. When Bruno licked the bell, it rang and we opened the door and let him inside, where Amie was waiting with a bone that had peanut butter smeared on it. Then we would put him back outside.

In the beginning of his training I needed to direct him to lick the bell. As soon as he did, I would open the door and let him in, where Amie was waiting. Over and over again. Eventually Bruno started licking the bell without me directing him. After a bit I went inside with Amie and waited for the bell to ring. As soon as we heard the bell, we would let Bruno in, where he would receive his treat. After a bit we substituted the treat with a back rub and a massage. His reward for ringing the bell will ultimately be getting to come inside the house. Bruno ringing the cowbell to come inside.


Without his Walk

Bruno's been on doggie rest for the past few days due to his leg injury. He has not gotten his walks in. It's very apparent just how important taking him for a walk is.

Bruno chewed the rug in the middle of the night while we were all sleeping.

He also chewed up Sara's shoe. This is what we came downstairs to—Sara's shoe in pieces and him relaxing on his bed as if nothing had happened. The night before this, he chewed up another pair of her shoes. Bruno, I cannot wait until you’re all healed up and able to resume your walks. You're getting yourself into a lot of mischief!



The Summer Heat

Bruno after following the kids on the golf cart. He is one hot dog. We have to be careful he does not have a heatstroke. Boxers do not do well in hot weather.


Pee on the carpet? Who did it?

We had gone out for four hours leaving Bruno home with free run of the house. We came back home for an hour to let him out then went back out for another hour.

When we came home the second time we found pee in the family room, an off-limits room! We blamed Bruno of course, because he is the new puppy, but did he really do it?? At the time I had thought, "OH BRUNO, WHY!! After all this time of you being a good boy!"

I had to break out the steam cleaner at 10:00 at night. Bruno, this was not how I had pictured the evening ending!

I was afraid that now I thought he had peed on the family room carpet, he would do it again the next time we left him alone. We got Bruno's crate back out. Bruno got right in. He loves his crate. But Bruno, I love having more room in my kitchen. Can you please just be a good boy?

UPDATE: The next day...

I looked over at Allie while she was lying on the floor and noticed she was dripping pee. She has an incontinence problem from being spayed too young, but has not dripped this bad in a long time. She is on medicine that she takes every third day, which keeps her from dripping. If I get my days mixed up she starts dripping again. Seems I missed a day or something. I said out loud, "Oh Allie" and she got up. There was a large puddle of pee under her with drips around her where she had stepped in it. Oh Bruno, you may not have peed after all. Allie may have gone into the family room and lay down, dripping pee. OK, Bruno, I officially apologize even though you have not a clue I even blamed you in the first place. Since I had not caught him in the act, I had not disciplined him for it.

I put a diaper on Allie and gave her one of her incontinence pills.



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