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Cocker Spaniel / Japanese Chin Mixed Breed Dogs

Information and Pictures

Kalani the Chin-Ocker being held in the lap of a lady who is kneeling on the floor and smiling

"This is Kalani, our Chin-Ocker that was sold to us as a Japanese ShiShi Spaniel. He weighs 28 pounds, which is bigger than we were told he would get, but we love him just the same. He is a very sweet dog!"

Other Names
  • Chin-a-pin
  • Chinapin
  • Cocker Chin
  • Japanese ShiShi Spaniel

The Chin-Ocker is not a purebred dog. It is a cross between the Cocker Spaniel and the Japanese Chin. The best way to determine the temperament of a mixed breed is to look up all breeds in the cross and know you can get any combination of any of the characteristics found in either breed. Not all of these designer hybrid dogs being bred are 50% purebred to 50% purebred. It is very common for breeders to breed multi-generation crosses.

  • ACHC = American Canine Hybrid Club
  • DDKC = Designer Dogs Kennel Club
  • DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.
  • IDCR = International Designer Canine Registry®
Recognized Names
  • American Canine Hybrid Club = Chin-Ocker
  • Designer Dogs Kennel Club = Chin-Ocker
  • International Designer Canine Registry® = Cocker Chin
Three full grown Chin-Ockers in the arms of three people in front of a bench and a chain link fence

"This photo shows three ChinOckers, or Japanese ShiShi Spaniels, as they are called by us at Desert Bloom Spaniels. We have, left to right: Morgan, Scooby and Sadie, all full-grown sable-colored Chin Ockers. These dogs are super sweet, easy to train and very lovable. They have a coat similar to an English Toy Spaniel and it is fairly easy to care for. Their coat takes up to two years to fill in and they are a shedding breed. They come in a myriad of colors. Sizes range from 7 lbs. to 20 lbs., depending on the size of the parents."