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Korean Dosa Mastiff
(Mee Kyun Dosa) (Korean Mastiff)

Adult Korean Dosa Mastiff, photo courtesy of The Mighty Dosa



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The Korean Dosa Mastiff’s coat is short, silky and shiny. Colors include chocolate, mahogany and red. A white patch on the chest is permissible.


The Korean Dosa Mastiff is dignified, easy going good natured, intelligent and loyal. The Dosa likes being with people. Be sure you are this dog's pack leader, providing plenty of daily mental and physical exercise to avoid separation anxiety. The objective in training this dog is to achieve pack leader status. It is a natural instinct for a dog to have an order in its pack. When we humans live with dogs, we become their pack. The entire pack cooperates under a single leader. Lines are clearly defined. You and all other humans MUST be higher up in the order than the dog. That is the only way your relationship can be a success. This gentle giant is sweet-natured, noble, majestic and friendly. It tends to 'lean' on its favorite people. It makes a huge lap dog. Excellent with other pets and children. Reserved with strangers. Supervision is required around small children as it may inadvertently step on them or knock them over. Proper human to canine communication is essential.

Height, Weight

Height: Males 25.5 - 30 inches (64 - 76 cm) Females 23.5 - 27 inches (59 - 68 cm)
Weight: Males 160 - 185 pounds (72 - 84 kg) Females 145 - 165 pounds (65 - 74 kg)

Health Problems

Cherry eye is common in the breed; must be removed, not tacked down. A good diet is paramount for this fast-growing, large breed. It is prone to bloat so should be fed 2 to 3 small meals per day. It may also suffer from hip dysplasia and genetic eye diseases such as Entropia.

Living Conditions

Adapts to both city and country environments.


Moderate energy level. Inclined to be lazy. Puppies should never be given strenuous exercise as their bones are still forming. Instead, a puppy should be given plenty of space to exercise freely on its own. Like all dogs, the Dosa need to go on a daily walk or jog, to fulfill the canine’s primal instinct to walk. While out on the walk the dog must be made to heel beside or behind the person holding the lead, as in a dog's mind the leader leads the way, and that leader needs to be the human.

Life Expectancy

About 7-12 years


Light to moderate shedder. Brush weekly, needs weekly cleaning of skin folds, and monthly bathing with anti-bacterial shampoo.


South Korea





DRA = Dog Registry of America, Inc.


Korean Dosa Mastiff - Courtesy of Redline Bordeaux

Epoh-Nee the Korean Dosa Mastiff puppy at 6 months old, photo courtesy of Redline Bordeaux

Korean Dosa Mastiff - Courtesy of Redline Bordeaux

Epoh-Nee the Korean Dosa Mastiff puppy at 6 months old photo courtesy of Redline Bordeaux


Adult Korean Dosa Mastiff, photo courtesy of The Mighty Dosa


Adult Korean Dosa Mastiff, photo courtesy of The Mighty Dosa




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