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(Phungsan) (Poongsan) (Korean Poongsan) (Korean Phungsan) (Korean Pungsan)

King the Pungsan Dog, also commonly called the Korean Poongsan or Korean Phungsan, at 8 months old—"Both of King’s parents were imported from Korea. His behaviour is very wolf-like at times. So far, he has a dominant attitude toward other dogs and an extremely high prey drive. He must be exercised minimum one hour twice a day, or he becomes extremely destructive. He is very active and has a lot of stamina and is definitely not suited to a couch-potato lifestyle. He also enjoys digging massive holes and escaping from the yard, so high fences are a must. He has also chewed through a metal dog crate. He is extremely friendly toward all people, and has not yet shown any weariness of humans. He needs an alpha personality to behave and is very responsive to training. He will grow to be about 90 lbs. and very muscular. He is a rewarding companion so long as he is given a positive job to do. "


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Pungsan Dogs tend to be the dominant type, trying to get things their own way, and can be very protective of their loved ones and territory. Because of these traits, Pungsans are not recommended for inexperienced owners. Like most independent breeds, they need (and thrive under) firm but loving handling and consistency. Owners need to set the rules and stick with them. An owner who has earned the respect of his/her Pungsan will be rewarded with unsurpassed loyalty and obedience. As with all breeds, the Pungsan temperament varies with the quality of breeding and environment. This breed has a high prey drive.

Height, Weight


Health Problems

Fairly healthy breed.

Living Conditions

The Pungsan should be allowed to live indoors with the family as opposed to being relegated to the yard where he might get into mischief out of boredom or loneliness. They have been known to be escape artists. As independent as the Pungsan is, his first desire is to be with his owner. As long as they are sufficiently walked, the Pungsan can be a pleasant apartment dweller due to its natural fastidiousness.


The Pungsan needs room to move. They need long daily walks, jogs or runs beside you on a bike in order to satisfy their exercise needs. Without this type of exercise they will become destructive and hard to handle. While on the walk be sure to not allow the dog to walk or jog in front of the human, as it is a canine instinct for the leader to go first. If you allow this dog to take over, you will have big problems on your hands.

Life Expectancy



The Pungsan has a double coat that sheds heavily twice a year. During the shedding season, extra care must be given to the coat. They should be brushed daily to remove the undercoat. Warm baths can help the process along. Otherwise, be prepared for rolling tumbleweeds of undercoat all over your house.


The Pungsan Dog, also commonly called the Korean Poongsan or Korean Phungsan, originates from North Korea and has wolf in its lines. This hunting dog was said to hunt panther. They were used for military purposes.



King the Pungsan Dog at 8 months old

King the Pungsan Dog puppy at 6 months old


King the Pungsan Dog puppy at 5 months old


King the Pungsan Dog puppy at 5 months old

King the Pungsan Dog puppy at 4 months old

King the Pungsan Dog puppy at 6 weeks old

King the Pungsan Dog puppy at 6 weeks old

King the Pungsan Dog as a puppy at 13 weeks old with a 60-pound mixed-breed dog (brown dog in the back)

King the Pungsan Dog at 8 months old with a 60-pound mixed-breed dog (brown dog in the back)

The father of King the Pungsan Dog.

The father of King the Pungsan Dog





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