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Keeping Pigs and Hogs as Pets

Information and Pictures

The piglets eating—Fern is the darker piglet and Wilbur is the lighter piglet.

Pigs and Hogs

Pigs and hogs are the same, only classed differently by their weight; they are called pigs when they are small and when they reach 120 pounds or more then are classified as hogs.

A boar is a male and a sow is a female.

Pigs - Etymology: Middle English pigge

1: a young swine not yet sexually mature; broadly: a wild or domestic swine

Hogs - Etymology: Middle English hogge, from Old English hogg

1: a domestic swine especially when weighing more than 120 pounds (54 kilograms); broadly: any of various wild and domestic swine

Piglets—Wilbur and Fern

Little Lou and Wilbur meet.

Piglets—Wilbur and Fern

Fern and Wilbur rooting

Wilbur rooting