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Kate, the female Plott Hound at 3 years old used for bear hunting in the Klamath National Forest of Northern California

Kate the female Plott Hound at 3 years old is used for bear hunting in the Klamath National Forest of Northern California.


Bailey, the Plott Hound

Bailey the Plott Hound


Hank, the Plott Hound at 2 ½ yrs old and 85lbs

"This is my dog Hank. He is a Plott Hound who is 2 ½ years old and 85 lbs. in this picture. We got Hank when he was a puppy (3 months) from the Bellevue Humane Society in Bellevue, Wa. He loves to jog with me and take hikes in the woods. Travel and hang out on the beach. He also loves to play with other dogs. When he rides in the back of my truck he likes to sing and squeak his really loud, red toy. His favorite food is bread but when he has a sweet tooth he loves bananas, apples, pears and vanilla yogurt."


Jessie the Plott hound at 9 months old weighs about 50 pounds in these photos and is very fast and very strong. She definitely is a hunter, although her owners do not hunt. Her owner says, "We have many animals around (just yesterday she went after a fox and a coyote)…. Crazy dog…. We love her very much!"

Jessie the Plott hound at 9 months old



Plott Hounds


Plott Hound Puppy Dogs

Cooper loves to play in the snow!

Plott Hound Puppy Dogs


Plott Hound Puppy Dogs



Plott Hound Puppy Dogs

Plott Hound Puppy DogsPlott Hound Puppy Dogs

Lenny is no longer with us. He lived until he was 14 years old. Lenny is a saddleback with a star and as Lucy (pictured below) gets older she looks more and more like him.

Plott Hound Puppy Dogs


Plott Hound Puppy Dogs

This is Lucy at 6 months.

Plott Hound Puppy Dogs

This is George with Lucy in the background. Look will see Lucy peering over George's back.

Plott Hound Puppies

The tiger-striped brindle dog is named George (Curious George) and the saddleback puppy is named Lucy (Lucy Maude).




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