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List of Basset Hound Mix Breed Dogs

A short legged, long bodied, heavy, thick brown brindle dog with a white chest and long soft ears that hang down to the sides laying on a maroon couch with her front paws up over the arm. The dog has a long muzzle, a big black nose and wide round brown eyes.

"This is Mary, one of our family dogs at 6 years old. She is a Bassett Hound / Boxer mix. Both her parents were AKC registered breeds. Her father the Bassett, her mother the Boxer. She is very playful and energetic. She doesn't tolerate children well, so she tends to hide a lot. She's fearlessly protective and requires caging when new house guests arrive."

Other Basset Hound Dog Breed Names
  • Basset
  • Hush Puppy